Who Is Robert Pera’s Wife? About His Love Life

Robert Pera

Who is Robert Pera’s wife? before we get into it let’s get to know about Robert himself. Robert was one of the youngest billionaires according to Forbes around seven years back. He is mostly known because he is the founder and current CEO of a global American communication device company Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. Not only that but he owns the National Basketball Association team Memphis Grizzlies which he bought in October 2012 from Michael Heisley.

Even though he was listed as top 10 youngest billionaires by Forbes, there are still many things we don’t know about him because he keeps himself away from all the media and limelight so we don’t know about his personal life as much as we know about his professional life.

This piece will explore who Pera’s wife is, his personal life, his career, and a few other interesting facts.

 Who Is Robert Pera’s wife?

If you are thinking Pera is married then sorry to break it to you but he is not married yet. So does he have a girlfriend? maybe but since he has not disclosed anything related to his love life or relationship status we will just assume that he is not dating anyone at the moment and is single.

However, it is also true that he is keeping his girlfriend a secret but still we don’t know anything related to Pera’s love life. What makes us hard to determine his relationship status is that Pera is not seen with anyone outside or going on a date which is why many believe this billionaire does not have a girlfriend and is currently single.

You can’t become a billionaire without doing anything you have to sacrifice many things, especially spending time with others. Since he is the owner and CEO of a multi-billion dollar company he must have a very busy schedule and he doesn’t want to tamper with his time so the only thing we can say is that he does not have time to be in a relationship and worry about his responsibility. Keep in mind that it is just our theory, he might even be married or is in a relationship and keeping it a secret.

Pera had a heart condition

Robert Pera was born on March 10, 1978, in San Carlos, California, the U.S. As per his date of birth his zodiac sign is Pisces. And as mentioned above we don’t know much about his personal life to the point that we don’t even know who his parents are.

He owns an NBA team and he is pretty interested in Basketball himself because in his high school years he used to play basketball and was also on his school team but unfortunately, he had to quit playing basketball after he got a heart condition and because of his heart condition he had to rest at his home for a year. However, the condition is resolved now.

We don’t know which high school he went to but after he graduated, he joined the University of California, San Diego, and he got his degree of B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.A. in Japanese Language from the University, where he was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate. He also completed his master’s in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Digital Communications and Circuit Design. Furthermore, according to his Linkedin profile, he also went to Sophia University located in Tokyo, Japan.

His career

After graduating he started working at Apple Inc as a hardware engineer. He used to test WI-FI devices in the company and he noticed Apple’s Wi-Fi devices were powering their signals with sources that were far below FCC standards. He came up with the idea Apple turn a blind eye so he decided to build his own Wi-Fi module that was low-cost and high-performance and left Apple in 2005.

He started Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. in 2005 using $30,000 from his personal savings and credit card debt. Now his company value is in the billions. And as mentioned he is also the owner of NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies which he bought on October 25, 2012.

Is Robert Pera active on social media?

He does have social media accounts on various platforms including Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram but he is not much active on any of his social media accounts. He has over four thousand followers on his Linkedin profile, similarly, he has 4,445 followers on his Instagram account, finally on his Twitter account, he is being followed by 32.1k people currently.

It seems that Pera is an animal lover and is a dog person who has a great bond with his dog which he has shared on his Instagram. Also, like most of us, Pera also likes to go outdoor around the mountains to enjoy nature.

How much is Robert Pera’s net worth?

He is the owner as well as the CEO of a multi-billion company Ubiquiti Networks and he also owns the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association. According to Forbes currently, Pera has a net worth of 14.6 billion.

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