Who is Robert Downey Jr’s Wife, Susan Downey?

robert downey wife

Susan Nicole Downey is the wife of a famous American actor and producer Robert Downey Jr. Susan is also an American film producer. She used to be executive vice president of production at Silver Pictures and also she was co-president at Dark Castle Entertainment until 2009.

Robert and his wife Susan Downey now have their own production house called “Team Downey.” Susan and Robert first met in Susan’s office soon after they met they started to date and finally, the couple settled down marrying and vowing each other.

Susan is really intelligent and has a sharp brain. As the old saying states behind every successful man, there is a woman, Susan’s is one of the perfect examples for that saying. She has helped her husband Robert so much that even Robert himself admits that he would not be the role model as he is if it was not for his wife Susan.

In this blog post, we are going to be talking about Robert’s beloved wife Susan Downey, her early life, how they met, and other few things about her.

Early Life Of Susan Downey

Susan Downey was born on November 6, 1973, in Schaumburg, Illinois. She was interested in the movie business since she was 12 years old. Her parents are Elliott Levin and Rosie Levin they are Jewish. She graduated (summa cum laude) from high school (Schaumburg High School) in 1991.

She graduated from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts as she was interested in the movie business, since she was 12. Later she started to work at Threshold Entertainment and just as Robert played important role in launching the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Susan has also played a huge role in live-action Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, and the 22 episode TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest.

How Did Susan & Robert Downey Met?

In 2003 Robert and Susan met for the first time on the set of the movie Gothika the movie featured Robert Downey Jr and Halle Berry as the lead role and it was the first full-credit producing job by Susan. She was really grateful to have Downey Jr in the movie as she told Inside the Actors Studio that We are lucky to have Robert in our movie. But it was not love at first sight. In fact, when she was asked about Robert in 2009 she stated that she looked at him as a professor or someone’s older brother.

Also when Susan was working on production for RocknRolla, Guy Ritchie’s crime film, that was when Robert visited her in her office and found out about Ritchie’s plan for Sherlock Holmes movie, Downey Jr requested to set a meeting so Susan set a meeting for Robert and Ritchie and it was decided that Robert will be doing the lead role in the movie. Part 3 of the movie Sherlock Holmes is an upcoming movie of Robert Downey Jr and the movie is produced by Susan Downey along with other three producers.

Susan Thought That Robert Downey Jr Is Weird

Yes, people you read that correct, according to Susan the first impression about Robert was “interesting but weird.” But as her feelings began to change after a week, getting to know Robert. In an interview, she even revealed that after filming Robert asked her for dinner and when they were at it she looked at Robert and thought that he is cute.

Also, various sources tell that it was really hard for her to sympathize with Robert’s addiction struggles and demanded that he stop partying if he wanted to be together.

Susan Was Proposed By Robert When He Was Still Married

As mentioned above Susan had a doubt about Robert first and it was hard for her to fully embrace relation with Robert but eventually, they got together. Robert really loves her really hard as he proposed to her when he was still married to Deborah Falconer.

They Got Married In 2005

After trying really hard Robert started to date Susan and after some time of dating each other, they got engaged as Susan accepted the African sapphire-and-diamond ring for engagement which was given by Robert. But they did not get married for two years because Susan wanted to see if Robert will stay true as he promised to her and give up on drugs completely in fact Susan insisted on a two-year gap. After a long wait, the couple finally got married in 2005 and are now living happily.

She Even Abandoned Her Career To Work Close With Robert

As I mentioned above she was executive vice president of production at Silver Pictures and also she was co-president at Dark Castle Entertainment and to reach to that level she must have worked like crazy cause its not easy to reach in that level.

She oversaw the production and the development of the movies, as she was interested in the movie business, she was living her dream career but after marrying with Robert Downey Jr she sacrificed her career only to spend more time with her husband and work close with him.

Robert Has Her Name Tattooed In His Arm

Playing Iron Man, his make artist and costume experts had to work hard to hide it from fans. Yes, Robert has a tattoo written “Suzie Q” in his arm which shows how much she means to him. But of course he has to hide the tattoo from the movies.

Susan Is The Reason Robert Is Clean & Living Happily Now

We all know that Robert was addicted to drug, but Susan demanded him if he wanted to be with her then he must stop going to parties and stop doing drugs. The demand she made is the reason RDJ made changes in his life.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

She used to be executive vice president of production at Silver Pictures and co-president at Dark Castle Entertainment, after she left her work there she now produces movies like Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes and she has produced other many movies so she would still be successful without her husband unlike many other women and talking about her net worth it’s estimated $20 million.

In 2017 Susan and Robert bought a house in New York for $10.5 million. The Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage has 11 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms with library and office.

Downey’s Children

Susan gave birth to her first son on February 7, 2012 and they named him Exton Elias Downey. After two years of Exton’s birth Susan gave birth to another child, daughter this time on November 4, 2014 who they named Avri Roel Downey.

Her Husband Was Drug Addict

robert downey jr

Downey’s life as an actor has been filled with ups and down but also success, his personal life often mirrored the fate of his career. Robert Downey Jr is married to producer Susan Levin since 2005 and they have one son.

He has been in and out of jail for drug possession, assault, being under the influence while driving etc. Robert Downey Jr was sentenced to three years in prison on April 14th 1996 but he was released 20 months later due to his progress with the California Department of Corrections (CDC).

In 2004 Robert put his acting career on hold to focus his attention on rehab and drug recovery. He had been in and out of rehabilitation programs since 1990, but finally found success with the help of new important people in his life like Mel Gibson who was a close friend at that time.

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