Who is Rob Schneider’s Wife Patricia Azarcoya?

Patricia Azarcoya with Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider’s marriage to his current wife Patricia came around in 2011. Even though the marriage has been close to 10 years, little is actually there about his wife. While she has appeared next to her celebrity husband in many movies, Patricia Azarcoya’s life remains to be a mystery.

Could it be because Patricia is not a US native and the fact that she is much younger than Rob? Well, we can only guess. Anyway, even the die-hard fans of Rob have little knowledge about his wife. So, today we are going to shed some light on her. What is she like and What is she doing right now? Where is she originally from? Let us find out.

Who is Patricia Azarcoya Arce?


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Patricia Azarcoya is listed as an Actress. Her profession is that of an actress and she met her husband who is a famous actor more than 10 years earlier. Just like her husband, Patricia also has some acting credits listed on IMDb. Another little thing fact about Patricia is that she was also a model before she met her husband. She had actually worked in Mexican TV as a producer. So, in terms of acting, Patricia is on the level of Rob. Perhaps even better!

Patricia, thus, is a veteran professional actor and she knows what exactly she is doing in her line of work.

Rob And Patricia Originally Kept Her Age Under Wraps

The most interesting thing about Rob and Patricia’s relationship is their age gap. Patricia is actually way younger than Rob. Yes, the age difference is massive. She is only about five years older than Rob’s daughter whose name is Elle King. This fact really turned some heads at first but now it is common knowledge.

As you can imagine, people were really confused and not sure what to make of Rob when they knew that he had a wife whose age is almost similar to her daughter. Talk about being weird! So, what is the exact age gap you ask? It’s 20 years! Now, you know what I’m talking about. They have an age gap of almost 20 years!

The two also have kids together. So, it’s not like the marriage was for nothing. But still, 20 year age gap is a lot.

Who is Rob Schneider ex-wife Helena Schneider?

What Is Rob Schneider’s Wife Like At Home?

Rob’s wife Patricia’s life can be seen in only one place and that is her social media. Fans have gotten a clue of what she is like from her Social Media profile. Unlike some other less famous people. Patricia doesn’t really have a problem posting frequently on Social Media. Despite having quite a famous husband, her social media game is quite great.

From what we can gather from her Instagram, Patricia seems like a decent woman. She enjoys dancing, cook and hanging out with her family. Another interesting thing about her is her sense of humor. This is evident on her social media and we were pretty surprised by her.

She also has jokes about her life at home and she likes to caption her posts which is always appreciated! She is quite a catch too at the moment been married to a super-wealthy Hollywood Star still, she seems interesting down to earth. Her focus is mainly on fitness and in the dance studio as well. Patricia spends plenty of time outdoors with her family too. And she finds time to do some charity work as well.

What Is Patricia Like As A Stepmom?


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Rob doesn’t have the best relationship with his oldest daughter. Her daughter’s name is Elle King and she took her mom’s last name rather than her dad’s. Things seem to be much better between Elle and her dad though despite the stepmom.

The family also seems tightly knit. They travel together and Elle can hang around with her little sisters as well. It seems like Elle and Patricia have a close bond. They live happily so, the two are quite together that way.

Fans Don’t Know What To Think Of Rob’s Wife


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Fans have a weird relationship with Rob’s Wife. Her Instagram account is as big as her husband’s. Not everyone thinks highly of her. Some call her a gold digger in the comments when she posts a picture with her husband Rob. This is because Rob is worth a lot of money. He is a multi-millionaire. Other fans speak on her looks.

It is very understandable that fans are not able to figure out her relationship with Rob but she is not in her 20s anymore. Patricia does seem to be perfect for her husband though. As the relationship, she has with Rob’s other family (his daughter) is very good.  Patricia also seems funny and she knows the Hollywood industry inside out as well. Because of all these reasons, Patricia is perceived as a saint by another part of the fanbase!

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