Who is Rob Schneider ex-wife Helena Schneider?

Helena Schneider with Rob

Helena Schneider is an ex-wife of the American actor Rob Schneider and her husband is one of the famous comedian.

There has been no detailed information has revealed about Rob Schneider’s ex-wives till now. So, we will try to cover as much as information we were able to get.

Rob has never talked about her in detail, so many people are very curious to find about Helena.

Where is Helena Schneider now?

Schneider was born in the USA and her birthdate is 1963.

Her ethnicity is Caucasian and there has been no detailed information has been revealed about her siblings as well as about her past life.

After the divorce, we can see Rob Schneider has been enjoying his new life with his current wife and kids, but meanwhile, there has been no news about Helena Schneider who has been living out of the media spotlight.

Helena’s fame was a part of a gift from Rob, marrying a popular face will eventually create an interest and media spotlight. But after their divorce, Helena is living her life in her own way.

She made her public appearance in 2005 at the premiere of the movie called Deuce Bigalow.

Helena and Rob super-secretive wedding

This couple did marry in 2002, just after some time of living in a relationship. The detail about the wedding has not been on the internet and it was just kept secret from the public as well as the media eye. At the wedding party, their relatives and a few friends were only invited.

Rob used to talk about Helena in interviews

Rob has barely talked about Helena in interviews, he has shared memories, time, and love with Helena which he used to share with her.

After his movie The Hot Chick was released, there was an interview where he mentioned Helena where he said that he was very excited about his new life as a new husband.

He has also talked about Helena in Australian Magazine called Female, where he said, “I love my wife very much and she is very wiser than compared to me.”

He also added, “he tries his best to make his wife happy because he loves her very much but his wife used to say to him why not do this instead just try and make me happy.”

Did Rob cheat her?


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Just after getting married for some years this couple took their own path and started to live separately. They did marry in 2002 but get separated in 2005.

As per officials, Helena was the person who first filled the divorce against Rob, it looks like Rob was cheating on her.

So, at the same time, Rob was also dating another girl who eventually became his third wife it was clear that time he was cheating on her.

The third woman he married was Patricia Azarcoya, you can also check her Instagram account.

Do Helena and Rob have any Kids?

The couple doesn’t have any kids, but Rob has a child from his first marriage.

Rob’s first child was Elle king who was born in 1989, the third wife of Rob, and his first child’s age is the same.

Rob, Elle, and Helena used to live together and they had also made some public appearances together, it looks like they were living happily as a family but later everything was turning out.

Rob married Patricia Azarcoya


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As soon as they did divorce Rob was married to Patricia, a very young lady who has just turned around 33 in 2021. They did marry in 2011 and their party was held in Beverly Hills, California.

Their marriage took place in a secret way as, like Rob’s previous marriage, there were only a few persons were invited to the party.

But later Rob made it clear from his statement, “Patricia and I were surrounded by our closest friends and family; it was the happiest day of my life”.

This marriage was his third marriage and since then this couple has been living happily. His first marriage was with London King, the second was Helena and the third is Patricia.

Rob Schneider has two kids with Patricia


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Rob has two kids with his third wife, their first child name was Miranda Scarlett Schneider who was born in 2012, and later once again he became a father with his second child named Madeline Robbie Schneider.

By today, it seems like Rob has been enjoying his private life well and doesn’t want to become a media spotlight as well.

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