Who is Joy Taylor Ex-Husband, Richard Giannotti?

Richard Giannotti

A very talented sportsperson, Richard Giannotti is an American former baseball player. He made headlines after his marriage to Joy Taylor, a popular American radio personality.

By now he has left the sports world and started to work as a financial advisor at Ask Global Wealth. Richard and Joy spend some quality time as a couple for some years, their relationship did not last for a long time. So, we will also discuss the cause of their divorce and much other personal information about his private life.

Today, we are bringing you all the information that we can gather on the sports star. So, let us get started.

Who is Richard Giannotti?

Richard Giannotti

Richard’s father was Richard J Giannotti and his mother was Susan. Richard grew up with his step-sister Leslie Rennie. Richard Brandon Giannotti was born on the year 9th of August 1983 and he was born in Fort Lauderdale which is a city in the USA.

Giannotti attended a St. Thomas High School in Lauderdale Florida. After he graduated, he moved on to attend the prestigious University of Miami from where he got a college degree in Business Administration.

Giannotti first started playing baseball on the university baseball team. Giannotti was named an All-State Outfielder at the university level and he went on to win many games during his college days and became quite a famous guy on the campus.

After graduating from University, Giannotti started his pro baseball career in 2004. He was drafted by the Anaheim Angels now this team is now known as the Los Angeles Angels.

His baseball skills got him into the University of Miami on an Athletic Scholarship.

Richard Giannotti’s marriage life with Joy

Joy Allison Taylor is an American radio personality who was born in the year 1987. Joy is currently working as a news update anchor for Fox Sports; show named The Herd with Colin Cowherd and Skip And Shannon: Undisputed. Both of these shows have major ratings right now. 

As per them, the couple met for the first time in a baseball match where Joy was invited as a guest and Richard was playing the match in 2014. Richard did a great performance at the match and everyone was impressed including Joy, after the match the couple got meetup with the help of their mutual friends.

They instantly started to like each other and begin to date, this made a huge topic on many news sites and their relationship caught the eye of the media. Just after dating each other for a short time, they planned to get married and as per plan, they got engaged in 2015.

On January 17, 2016, Richard shared a tweet where he wished his then-fiancee a birthday and even added a caption “1 month to go. #GandJoy”.

They tied the knot on February 13, 2016, just a day before Valentine’s Day.

The marriage was a pretty successful one initially and it looked like the couple was happy at first but things started to go sour and in 2017 they split up. And they started to walk in their own path with the promise to never interface with each other. By now Richard is a married man, let’s take a deep dive into his love story with his second wife.

Who is Richard Giannotti Wife?

After getting a divorce from Joy, he began to search for new love, and luckily he got a girl named Kristen Simigran with whom he began to date in 2017. Like Richard’s previous love life this time they did not marry just after meeting for some months but they dated for at least 3 years and finally got married in 2020 at the time of COVD-19.

Giannotti announced their marriage via his official Instagram post with the caption “7❤️24❤️2020 Happiest guy in the world,” which indicates their marriage date.

We don’t have any information about Richard’s wife Kristen but it has been heard that she was a former model who has already worked with some major brands in the US.

Richard second marriage was successful

Richard, his wife Kristine, and their eldest son

Unlike, Richard’s previous marriage life this was quite private from the media eye and successful. The couple was blessed by a son named Banks Domenico Giannotti, and he was born on August 23, 2021.

Richard also has a stepson named Anderson from his current wife Kristen’s previous relationship.

What other businesses does Richard Giannotti own?

Richard Giannotti was known to be a baseball player all his life but it is noteworthy that baseball is not actually his whole life. He is also a businessman and he actually owns his own line of clothing called Babucheek Clothing.

In September of 2014, Richard founded an asset management company called Athlete Asset Management. This company is based in his hometown and it serves as a consultancy firm that manages the asset of various sports personalities.

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