Richard Giannotti – All About Joy Taylor Ex-Husband

Richard Giannotti
Date of Birth August 9, 1983
Profession Baseball Player
Martial Status Single
Ex-Wife Joy Taylor
Net Worth $1 Million

A very talented sports person, Richard Giannotti is an American former baseball player. He made headlines after his marriage to Joy Taylor, a popular American radio personality.

This got his name on the lips of many people. Over all these years, Giannotti has build a really great life for himself in Sports and Business.

Today, we are bringing you all the information that we can gather on the sports star. So, let us get started.


Richard Brandon Giannotti was born on the year 9th August 1983. He was born in Fort Lauderdale which is a city in the USA.

Richard was raised by both of his parents. His father was Richard J Giannotti while her mother was Susan. Richard grew up with his step sister Leslie Rennie.

Giannotti and Leslie are close to each other. They have a good brother sister relationship. Giannotti attended a local high school in Lauderale Florida.

After he graduated the St. Thomas High School in his hometown, he moved on to attend the prestigious University of Management. He has a college degree in Business Administration.

Growing up, Richard Giannotti attended the St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he had his high school education.

When he had graduated, he proceeded to attend the University of Miami where he earned a degree in Business Administration.

How did Giannotti’s career start?

Giannotti first started playing baseball in the university baseball team. Giannotti was named an All-State outfielder in the university level. He went on to win many games during his college days and became quite famous in the campus.

After graduating from University, Giannotti started his pro baseball career in 2004. He was drafted by the Anaheim Angels. This team is now known as the Los Angeles Angels.

Richard has always loved baseball though and he actually started playing even before his college days.

He got into the University of Miami on a Athletic Scholarship. Giannotti was expected to deliver good performances and he did that.

What is Richard’s relationship with Joy Taylor?

Richard Giannotti’s relationship with Joy Taylor was a big one. It is because of how famous Joy is in America. She is respected on a wide scale for her work as a radio and a TV personality.

She has won many sports fan over the years because of her great analysis of sports. Taylor does sports coverage on major network TVs.

The exact detail about the pair’s initial relationship remains quite a mystery. We do know that they started dating in 2015 though. This was kept secret though.

Eventually, they got engaged in the same year. Finally, the couple tied the knot as husband and wife in the year 2016.

The marriage was a pretty successful one initially. The couple were happy at first but things started to go sour and in 2017, they finally split up and Giannotti is still single and he is focused on his other businesses.

What other businesses does Richard Giannotti own?

Richard Giannotti was known to be a baseball player all his life but it is noteworthy that baseball is not actually his whole life. He is also a businessman and he actually owns his own line of clothing called Babucheek Clothing.

In September of 2014, Richard founded an asset management company called the Athlete Asset Management. This company is based in his hometown and it serves as a consultancy firm that manages the asset of various sports personalities.

Richard Giannotti’s Net Worth

Richard Giannotti has made a lot of money from his businesses and his career as a baseball player. As the president of his own company, he makes a lot of money from his business alone. Sources say that he is currently worth $1 million which is a lot of money.

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