Who is RiceGum Girlfriend? About His Dating History


RiceGum is one of the talented and popular YouTubers who constantly stays in the spotlight and is surrounded by various controversies. He is able to amass lots of viewers from around the world. Many people admire him for his rap songs and he has over 10.2 million subscribers on Youtube.

However, he seems to have quit YouTube as he hasn’t uploaded a video for over a year and switched to Twitch but in Twitch. But even at Twitch, he hasn’t streamed for over 4 months.

But still many are curious to know about his dating life. So, you will find everything you need to know about his dating life in this article. Firstly, let’s get to know more about him if you are hearing his name for the first time.

Who is RiceGum?

Ricegum’s real name is Bryan Quang Le and he was born on 19th November 1996. He was born to Chinese and Vietnamese parents. He was on the basketball team of Sierra Vista High School where he attended. Later, he attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) but he decided to drop during his first year to pursue his online career full-time.

He made his debut on YouTube in 2012 and since then he has managed to gain over 10.2 million subscribers and has over 2.1 billion views. He is best known for his diss-tracks and online feuds with other YouTube personalities. In June 2017, he released a single titled “It’s Every Night Sis” featuring Alissa Violet in response to Jake Paul‘s viral song “It’s Every Day Bro”.

It became his first charting single as it ranked at number 25 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart in November 2017. In March 2018, his song was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). But it seems like he has taken a break from social media as he is nowhere to be found.

Current relationship status

The current relationship status of Ricegum is unknown as it has been months since he had a downfall due to the controversies. However, he was rumored to be dating Ellerie Marie because of the video that he uploaded in July 2020 with the caption “My Ex-Girlfriend Called Me… (We Picked up)”. In the video, he shows to the viewers that he gets calls from his ex quite often but he seems like he doesn’t want to talk and the thumbnail in the video was

He had dated Abby somewhat near the end of 201 but their relationships were on and off and they used to upload video on their YouTube channel called “FamilGum”. They used to upload vlogs, challenges, and more but they stopped posting after a few months and that led many to believe that their relationship was over.

However, he had uploaded another video titled “We Broke Up So I’m Meeting My New Crush” on his “FamilyGum” YouTube channel where he went out with his crush Ellerie Marie. He also explains to the video that he honestly wishes Abby the best and he is grateful for the time they dated. Some people thought it was rude and inconsiderate of him to post her reaction. However, Abby also received hate messages and bashes from his fans saying that she is only popular because of him.

His crush and the woman in the video are Ellerie Marie. She was hard to be recognized as she wasn’t very popular. But she had decent fan-following Instagram as she has over 538 K followers. She is just 19 years old and she attended the University of California Irvine and she is from San Diego.

But, in the video, he told that they were just friends as well as there is not any solid proof on social media that they are officially together so we really don’t know about his dating life at the present. But, we will try out best to update this section as soon as we get any info regarding his dating life.

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