Where Is Bernie Mac’s Wife, Rhonda McCullough Now?

Rhonda McCullough with bernic mac

Bernie Mac was a really huge actor in America. He was celebrated and had quite a following worldwide. The world was in shock when the comedian died on the 9th of August in 2008. Rhonda McCullough was the widowed wife in this tragedy. Yes, she was the spouse of Bernie.

The two had been with each other since the year 1977. They were blessed with a beautiful daughter and had a great life before Bernie left them. When Bernie died, his wife and daughter continued to live with their lives. So, what is up with Rhonda’s life? How is she holding up? Let us find out in this article.

Rhonda McCullough’s Early Life

Rhonda’s early life remains a mystery. Not much has been covered about it. She was born before the times of the Internet, all the way back in 1958, in Illinois, United States. We don’t really know how her life panned out exactly. But we do know that her mother is Mary Simmons and she was raised along with a younger sister.

We don’t have proper clue if Rhonda went to any University or not but she did go to Chicago Vocational High School.

Her Career

Many may not know this but Rhonda is a film producer and according to IMDB she has produced the 2011 movie I Ain’t Scared of You: A Tribute to Bernie Mac.

Other than producing films, she has also appeared in several films and television shows including Biography, Unsung Hollywood, Oprah: Where Are They Now? and Project Purple: Mission Sarcoidosis Awareness.

Relationship with Bernie Mac

Bernie and Rhonda married for more than 30 years but they were together for even longer. The two started dating when they were both in high school. After that, they met when they were in a school at Chicago Vocational High School.

Bernie was one year older than Rhonda in school. The comedian did not make an attempt to chase her. She revealed that it was her who pushed for the relationship and that is how the two got together. They were inseparable after they got together. Things went as they planned so, they tied the knot in 1977. The pair were married till Bernie died.

Rhonda and Bernie’s Child

Bernie was known as the King of Comedy. The marriage between Bernie and Rhonda resulted in a daughter named Je’Niece. She was born in the year 1978, just one year after the pair’s marriage. When she was born, Mac was still in his struggling phase. He was not a famous comedian. When Je’Niece turned 11, Bernie gave comedy a shot and then became a really big shot.

Je’Niece is a graduate of Xavier University from where she received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an MA in Mental Health Counseling. She is married to Theartris Childress III and they even have a daughter named Jasmine who was born in 2007.

Jasmine was only around a year old when her grandfather died so Rhonda believes that her late husband is living through the spirit of their granddaughter.

Bernie Died of Pneumonia

Bernie died at the age of 50 when he had pneumonia. He was reported to have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis back in 1983. However, the first series of his health complications started in 2004 when he was filming Guess Who and Ocean’s Twelve. He even had pneumonia in both of his lungs so he had to take a rest for a few weeks to recover.

Sarcoidosis started attacking his lungs again and again so he was hospitalized on August 1, 2008, in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he had medical treatments for a week but on August 9, he went into cardiac arrest and died because of complications from pneumonia.

Rhonda’s Second Marriage

After three years of the death of Bernie Mac, Rhonda finally moved on and decided to remarry. She remarried a person named Horace Gilmore. The two met in an interesting manner. It was Rhonda’s younger sister who made the two meet and they hit it off quite soon.

In the February of 2009, Rhonda did not have any intention of dating anyone and getting married. But she met Horace at a party and started to date. They had a long first date and after being in a relationship for more than two years, the two got married. Their marriage came in the year 2011. Both of them share common interests and have shared experiences. This has made them even closer to each other.

Rhonda’s work in the Bernie Mac Foundation

Rhonda McCullough founded the Bernie Mac foundation after her husband’s death. The foundation was dedicated to elevating awareness and also supporting research for Sarcoidosis.

This foundation also kept the legacy of Bernie intact with its many charitable donations to different causes. The foundation has had much success as well. Rhonda is very much involved in this foundation and does all she can to honor her dead husband’s legacy.

It is a great initiative because many African-American women suffer from sarcoidosis. According to Frontiers, the Black Women’s Health Study has shown women of African descent experienced annual rates of 71 per 100,000.

After the death of her husband, she must have inherited her husband’s properties as she has a net worth of $11 million according to Net Worth Post.

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