About Rex Burkhead’s Wife, Danielle Wiggans (Biography, Net Worth)

Danielle Wiggans
Date of Birth 1990
Profession Officer
Husband Rex Burkhead
Net Worth $10 million

Danielle Burkhead is the current wife of the famous NFL player Rex Burkhead. Rex is playing in the NFL right now as a running back.

So, if you are a fan of Rex and want to know about his wife. Give this article a read in detail. Let us start then.

Who is Danielle Wiggans’ Husband Rex Burkhead?

Rex Burkhead was born in 1990. He is an American football player who plays as a Running Back. He is currently under contract for the New England Patriots of the NFL (National Football League).

Rex played college football at Nebraska and was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2013 NFL draft.

Rex became a big deal because of his versatile skills. He can run the ball, block and play passes efficiently. He is often described by his coaches as an all round player. 

In terms of Awards, Burhead won the 2012 award for Uplifting Athletes Rare Disease. He helped a 6 year old kid with brain tumor and because of this he got this error.

Burkhead has been committed to help his community. He has also helped cancer patients as well. He helped the child Jack Hoffman recover

Because of his generous personality, Barack Obama invited Jack and Burkhead to the White House which is a pretty good gesture.

Danielle Wiggans Biography

Danielle Burkhead was born in Texas in 1991. Her birth name is  Danielle Wiggans. She was born in the month of September at the city of Plano in Texas.

She is definitely an American and white. She is also Christian by religion. Aside this though, not much is known about her.

We do not have any information about her parents and siblings. But we do know that her childhood wasn’t really dark. She had a great childhood with loving parents.

Danielle went to a local high school before joining the university. She went to the Texas A&M University and majored in Communications. In addition, She minored in Human Resource and was quickly hired by the financial sector.

Moving on to the relationship, Rex and Danielle began dating in their Teenage days. They met in High School and they have been together since.

The two got married in 2014 and right now it has been 7 years since they tied the knot. Their relationship is still going strong.

The pair also has kids. They have got two kids and the pair are raising a very happy family. We wish them all the best for their future.


If her LinkedIn profile is right, Danielle got her degree in business with a minor in Human Resources. She actually went to Texas A&M college and graduated in 2013 from there.

Danielle began her pro career right after graduating college. She first worked as an intern at a company called East-West Ministries. Later, she interned in HR at Utility Fleets.

After completing her internships, she went to work for the company for a while but later quit. She then joined the Dunham Company as an Account Coordinator. Danielle’s degree in communications and management helped her get this job. She is still working at Dunham.

Aside this though, we don’t know much about her professional career as she is not big as her husband Rex. And we all know about Rex’s career!

Social Media

Danielle Wiggans is not really that active on Social Media platforms. While she doesn’t really have an Instagram account or a Facebook profile, She can be found in twitter. But she is not really active on this platform too. Her Twitter handle is @daniburkhead13.

Net worth

While we don’t have any information about Danielle’s net worth but we can say that she might get a good amount from her career in Dunham as an Account Coordinator. It is more than enough for her to get by.  We estimate her net worth to be above $300,000 as of 2021 though. And we thing she might be getting a salary that’s around around $50,000.

Her husband is an entirely different matter though. NFL is a big league and in just 6 years in the league, Rex has managed to get around $10 million which is enough to lead a lavish life. His annual salary is around $2 million dollars so, Rex Burkhead is set for life.

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