Who is Raymond Cruz’s Wife, Simi Cruz?

raymond with Simi Cruz

You might have heard the name Raymond Cruz if you have ever viewed Breaking Bad which is arguably one of the best TV shows of all time. Well, if you have then you might remember the character of Tuco. Ring any bells? Well, that guy’s name in real life is Raymond Cruz!

In addition to Breaking Bad, Raymond also appeared in the spin-off series Better Call Saul. He is famous because of these two roles. Both shows have a world wide reputation

But today we are not going to be talking about him. Instead, we are focused today on her wife Simi Cruz. So, Let us start without wasting any time!

Raymond’s Relation with his wife Simi Cruz

Raymond and Simi have been married to each for a long time. While the pair haven’t released any detail about their married life or pre-marriage relationship, we can say that they know each other for a long time.

The two are an ideal couple in Hollywood. We know that the relationships in Hollywood seldom last but these two have found a way to make it work for a long time. Their marriage is incredibly good and both of them really trust each other and are honest as well.

Simi, according to Raymond, is a pretty great person and she is incredibly private about her personal life as well. We haven’t seen her appear in the media that much and she hasn’t really talked anywhere about her marriage as well.

Raymond, being a celebrity is outgoing and he has said in interviews that Simi likes his work but she did not like the character of Tuco which is fair. The character was quite a bad guy!

Simi’s Support for her husband

According to Raymond, one of the major reasons for his success as an actor is his wife’s support for him. She is the one to stay with him for a really long time. Simi also made him work hard and now Raymond enjoys a great career in Hollywood. Simi even encouraged Raymond to play a kidnapper in the movie Cleveland Abduction. This made his career even better and it was a really great decision.  Cruz has also played non-negative roles and for this, his wife is pretty glad too!

Raymond’s Children with Simi

Simi and Raymond have kept their private life very well hidden so, we don’t really know if they have children either with each other or with some other relationships. Their private life is quite a mystery. Maybe in the future we will get to know more about the couple. The breaking bad actor Raymond hasn’t really come forward to the media and spoken on his family. We just know that they are together. Nothing aside from that!

Raymond’s Career as an actor

Raymond is popular for being the ruthless and volatile Tuco Salamanca. He portrayed this role in a great manner and this opened the door for his acting career as well. Most recently, he has starred as Rafael Olvera in a really scary movie named The Curse of La Llorona. The movie was released just 2 years earlier.

Raymond has had TV roles quite a while ago though. His on-screen debut actually came in 1987 when he had a small role in Maid to Order. He then starred in the TV series titled Major Crimes as a detective Julio Sanchez. After that, he made a lot of these guest appearances in a lot of shows like The Division, CSI: Miami, White Collar and more.

All about Simi Cruz

We don’t really know much about Simi’s early life. We know that she became quite a big deal when she married Raymond. We also know that she is an American born girl but the actual place of her birth is under mystery. She looks white but her actual ethnicity is also under wraps. We also don’t know the date of her birth and her parent’s death is not revealed too. We don’t know her age as well. But she doesn’t have that much of a difference in age to her husband.

Net Worth of Simi Cruz

Simi lives quite a great life with her husband. We don’t know about her profession but she does get a good income from her husband. We don’t know about her actual net worth though. Her educational background is also not known properly. Simi just works at home right now and takes care of the family.  Raymond has a great income source. He makes his money with appearances in different TV Shows and movies. His total net worth exceeds two million dollars as of 2021.

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