Who is Randy Orton’s daughter, Alanna Marie Orton?

Alanna Marie Orton

Alanna Marie Orton is the child of the world-famous WWE pro wrestler Randy Orton. Her mother is Randy’s first wife Samantha. Alanna is quite famous in the media for being the daughter of a famous wrestler. Her father Randy Orton is quite a big deal in WWE as well as the wrestling business. The 41-year-old is also an actor.

All of Randy Orton’s fans are very curious about her daughter so, we bring you this article where we are going to be looking at Alana’s life. So, let us get started!

Alanna’s Childhood and Birth

Alanna Orton was born in 2008 in St. Louis in the state of Missouri. She is the first child of wrestler Randy Orton and his spouse Samantha. The pair welcomed their daughter after their marriage and Orton was 28 when Alanna was born. The pair had gotten married just one year ago in September of 2007. Just after one year, they announced that they were having a child.  When she was born, Orton shared the news happily and said that she was a really healthy baby. Alanna weighed around 8 pounds.

Alanna Marie Orton’s Parent’s Marriage

Alanna’s parents are Randy Orton and Samantha Speno. As we mentioned, the two got married in 2007. But they went their separate ways in 2012. The reason behind the divorce is not known,

Samantha and Orton first met at a bar. Randy was with a friend having drinks and that was when he caught Samantha’s eyes. The two started to talk immediately. They ended up exchanging their numbers and then they started to date. In an Interview, Orton said that he was injured back then. He had a broken foot and his friend Mike took him out to a bar. That was when he saw Samantha and got together with her.

In the November of 2005, Orton proposed to his girlfriend with a diamond ring and she said yes. After two years, the two got married in a private ceremony.  The pair were very happy and they were also blessed with a doctor. But after 5 years together, their relationship did not really blossom. It turned sour instead. This was mainly because of Orton’s busy schedules but the exact reason behind the divorce is not made public.

Randy’s Parents did not want Randy to be a Wrestler

Alanna Marie Orton with her Randy Orton

Alanna belongs to a family of wrestlers. Her father is a Wrestler and so is her grandfather. Randy’s father was Bob Orton and he was an acclaimed wrestler. Alanna’s grandmother was Elaine Orton. Both Bob and Elaine did not want Randy to pursue wrestling as they were worried about the tough job of Wrestling.

But the wrestler genes in Orton did not stop. He always wanted to be a wrestler and this turned out to be great as Randy Orton quickly became the face of WWE. He is one of the best wrestlers in the company and an incredible draw for WWE.

Alanna Marie Orton Plays Volleyball

Alanna is 13 years old currently and she attends secondary school. If we take a look at her mother’s Facebook, we can see that Samantha is currently studying in the 8th grade. We quite don’t know the name of her school though.

One of the things we found was Alanna’s interest. She is actually very interested in Volleyball. She is even associated with the St. Louis Crossfire Elite Volleyball Club. In fact, Alanna’s team even won a regional championship just last year. Samantha was happy for her daughter’s victory and posted photos of it on her Facebook profile.

Samantha is quite active on social media and shares the picture of her daughter frequently. We can see them having fun and living life in these pictures.

Alanna’s Siblings from Her Father’s second marriage

After getting a divorce from his first wife, Randy Orton began dating Kimberly Kessler. Kessler was actually a member of a Randy Orton fan club. The two started dating and after a while, the two got married. It was in the November of 2015 when the two tied the knot.

The pair gave birth to their first child together. They had a daughter named Brooklyn Rose Orton in 2016. She is the sister of Alanna. Brooklyn is Orton’s second child and she currently lives with Orton and her mom in St. Charles in Missouri.

How much is Randy Orton worth?

Alanna is still a child so, we won’t get into her net worth but instead, let’s take a look at Randy Orton’s finances. Randy earns his money from his career in the WWE. Aside from this, he gets money from different deals and endorsements. Since Orton has been with the WWE for quite a long time and he is one of their biggest superstars, he has made a good deal of income. Orton’s net worth is somewhere around $7 million as of 2021. This is a huge amount of money and Orton, along with his wife and daughter lives a pretty great life in Missouri.

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