Who Is Rance Allen’s Wife, Ellen Marie Allen?

Ellen Marie Allen

If you are a gospel music listener then you might know who Bishop Rance Allen was. Moreover, if you know about Rance then there is a high chance that you might also know about his now widow Ellen Marie Allen. Certainly, Ellen rose to prominence because of her late husband.

Her husband Rance was the lead singer or vocalist of the gospel music group called “The Rance Allen Group” sadly back in 2020 Ellen’s husband passed away. He was known for his strong and versatile voice range. After Rance’s death, many people wanted to know about how his wife is holding up and since many didn’t know much about her, they started searching about her.

In this handy article, you will find everything you need to know about late gospel singer Bishop Rance Allen’s wife (now widow) Ellen Marie Allen.

How old is Ellen Marie Allen?

Although it is not yet confirmed but as per our sources, Ellen was born back in 1954. We don’t have the exact date of her birth so there might be a bit of difference in her actual age however if we only keep in mind her birth year then she currently is 68 years old.

She is said to be born in the United States and holds an American nationality. She lost her mother Pauline Groves when she was only 6 years old. Although we don’t have much information about her father Glendora Lathan, we believe that he is also not in this world anymore.

She was raised by her aunt Margaret Lucille Holmes after her mother died. As per the sources, Ellen is the only child of her parents. Furthermore, she is a diploma holder from Monroe High School.

Ellen is an evangelist

As mentioned above, Ellen is currently an evangelist however, before that she used to work as a banker and if what our sources say is true then Ellen worked as a banker for over two decades. She then became Deaconess Missionary as she got her license from Ohio North First Jurisdiction.

She also helped her husband with his ministry and the interesting thing is that she left the banking job to help her husband. At New Bethel Bountiful Blessings Ministries, she subsequently rose to the position of the first lady. Furthermore, she had various different positions in the ministry. Other than being an evangelist, she is also a YWCC instructor now.

When did Rance and Ellen meet?

Sadly, there is no information on how or when the two of them first meet however, reports have it that Ellen was only 16 years old when she met Rance for the first time. We also don’t have any clue on how the two of them started dating but what we do know is that they later got married on December 1, 1970.

They remained married for around five decades and the only thing that broke their marriage relation was Rance’s death. Surprisingly even after being together for around five decades they don’t have any children.

Rance Allen funeral

Sadly, Ellen lost her husband Rance on October 31, 2020. Rance was 71 years old at the time of his death. During the early hours of Saturday, he died at a medical center in the Midwest.

Ellen and Rance’s manager stated, “While recovering from a medical procedure at Heartland ProMedica [in Sylvania, OH], Bishop Rance Allen passed away around 3 AM this morning.” Moreover, talking about her husband, Ellen once said that her husband is “the sweetest, most humble, patient, loving, giving man this side of glory.”

Moreover, the cause of his death was having recently undergone a medical procedure that led to complications. His funeral and memorial were private because at the time there was a Covid outbreak. However, later COGIC Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction released a statement where it was written that they will again hold Rance’s memorial to honor him.

Furthermore, if you are interested in Rance’s funeral then you can find a video on YouTube, or for your convenience, we will add his funeral video above so you can watch it.

Ellen Marie Allen net worth

It is not confirmed, however, as per the reports, Ellen has a net worth of $1 to $5 million. When Rance died his net worth was estimated to be around one to five million but since we don’t know how much he earned annually, we are still not sure about his net worth. But what we do know or are sure about is that he was worth more than a million.

After Rance’s death, all his properties and assets were passed on to his widow Ellen Marie Allen. Now Ellen is worth more than a million and she is serving as an evangelist.

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