Who Is Ralph Macchio’s Wife, Phyllis Fierro?

ralph macchio phyllis fierro

Phyllis Fierro is a pretty famous American celebrity wife. Who is she married to? Well, Do you Remember Ralph Geroge Macchio Jr. from ‘The Outsiders’? Well, Phyllis is married to that same Ralph! He is known for his roles in high-profile movies such as ‘The Outsiders’, ‘Eight is Enough’, and the box office hit ‘Crossroads’.

But this article is not really about Ralph, it is about his wife Phyllis Fierro. So, today we are going to be talking all about her. Let us start this article then!

Her Early Childhood

Phyllis Fierro was born in the year 1960 which makes her 61 years old right now. Her birthdate is the 23rd of July 1960. As she is born in the middle of July, her zodiac sign is Cancer. She was born in the United States of America and she even holds American Citizenship. If we have to talk about her ethnicity and religion, She belongs to the Caucasian Ethnic group. Her religion is Christianity.

But her public life is not really that much. Most of her life is quite private and Phyllis has kept it that way. She likes to stay away from all the media. There is also no information about her family and siblings in the media. She is quite a private person on that front. In terms of her Education, Phyllis is a Medical Student. She started her nursing career at just the age of 19.

How did Phyllis become famous?

Phyllis is a nurse practitioner currently. She is also famous for being the wife of Hollywood actor Ralph Macchio. Ralph is an American actor who became quite famous for his role as Daniel LaRussoo in the American Series named ‘The Karate Kid.’

Ralph also started his acting career from the TV commercial named Dr. Pepper and Bubble Yum. In a similar way, his screen debut came in ‘Up in the Academy’ all the way back in 1980. He also got a major role as Jeremy Andretti in the American TV series Eight is Enough.’

Ralph Macchio and Phyllis Fierro love story

Phyllis Fierro

Phyllis is currently in a Marital Relationship. She met her husband Ralph Macchio at just the age of 16. Her grandmother was the one to introduce her to Ralph at the age of 15 and they both became close friends in a quick period of time. Similarly, she then spent her late teenage years with Ralph before pursuing her career further.

After this, they completed their college education quite successfully and then started to work as a nurse at a local hospital. During this time, Ralph became an Actor. After being in a relationship for more than 11 years, the two tied the knot back on the 5th of April, 1987. Both of them had the age of 15 and 16 respectively. They also have two children together named Julia and Daniel who were both born in the years 1992 and 1996 respectively. They both are following their father’s footsteps and are working in the entertainment field currently.

After Ralph got super famous with his hit shows like “Karate Kid” and “Cobra Kai”, he mentioned that Phyllis did her best and in this journey, she has walked every step together. “She has done her best to keep our life balanced, I would not achieve anything without her.”

Interviewing with People, “It’s the belief through the easy times, through the tough times, whatever we encounter, that we are meant to be together.”

What is Phyllis Fierro doing now?

Phyllis Fierro is quite a private person. We have no idea what she is up to right now. Ever since she married her husband, she has kept a pretty low profile. We can’t see her in public and in Social Media. Her personal interests, hobbies, and likes/dislikes are not known too. We do know where she lives though. Phyllis currently enjoys her life with Ralph in Long Island, New York.

What is Phyllis Fierro’s Net Worth?

Since Phyllis’ profession is that of a Nurse, she makes a Nurse’s salary. But her net worth is quite high. She is worth in the million range. Her total net worth is around $1 Million. But aside from that, not much is known about her assets and how much stuff she has in the bank.

Social Media

Phyllis is active on Social Media. If we go by her social media posts, it seems like she weighs around 60 kgs and has a height of 5 feet 6 inches. She also has a healthy body type. But her measurement detail is not yet available in the Media. Likewise, if we are talking about her appearance, she has a physical trait of fair skin and black hair. Her eye color is dark brown.

This appearance has made it possible for Phyllis to gain a very good social media presence. She is quite reserved and has a very discreet personality. She also prefers to stay away from Social Media. She is not active on any social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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