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destiny pérez

Destiny Perez is popular all over the world. But who exactly is she? Well, she is the daughter of the famous Musician Pitbull. And today, we are going to be providing you all the information about her. So, without wasting any time, let us dive straight into it.

Who is Destiny Pérez?

Yes, Destiny Perez is quite a young person.. She is just 19 right now and her birthdate is August 15, 2002,. She is American by birth and her zodiac sign is Leo. In terms of family, she has a younger brother named Bryce Perez. She also has three other siblings. And, we all know her father is the famous Pitbull! What about her mother? Well, Her name is Barbara Alba.

Destiny is famous because of her father Pitbull

Let us be honest, Destiny is famous for being the daughter of Pitbull, as simple as that! Her father is a worldwide success story. He is well known all over the world because of his incredible film and music career. He is also a philanthropist and an activist. So, everybody likes him. Let us now take a look at Pitbull’s incredible career.

Pitbull is not just a rapper. He acts and he runs his own business! Pitbull has done voice acting for many animated feature films. He did one for Epic and that was quite a hit. In addition, he is also a co-founder of the company “Bad Boy Latino.” He formed this label with Diddy back in 2005. The label is a subsidiary of Diddy’s (Sean Comb) Bad Boy Records. While Diddy’s label is for the American audience, Pitbull’s mainly has the focus on Latin Hip-Hop. The label has head offices in both New York as well as Miami, Florida.

Musical Journey of her father

Pitbull is first and foremost a musician. He is a rapper and his album titled “Rebulation” gained praise in 2009. He won the Billboard Music Award for it and he also got the “Top Radio Song” for the song ‘Give me Everything’ in the year 2012. In 2013, he had another massive hit titled ‘Timber’ and this song topped the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks as well. The song featured Kesha in the hook.

But way before that, Pitbull released his Debut Album all the way back in 2004. It was titled M.I.A.M.I. The album had a single named Culo that was produced by Lil Jon. This song ended up charting in the Billboard Hot 100 and this got him a really great image in the mainstream rap industry.

Relationship Status of Destiny Perez

While we don’t really know much about her relationships, we think that Pitbull’s daughter Destiny is single at the moment. She hasn’t really shared any posts that indicate a relationship. Her dad on the other hand was married to her mother Barbara for a while. They had destiny in 2002 and then Bryce one year later. The two did break up though. They are not currently married to each other. The break-up happened because of some difference between them.

About her Siblings

She was born as the oldest member in her family but there are siblings as well, her younger biological brother’s name is Bryce Pérez and he was born on March 5, 2003. But she has four siblings who were born from her father’s external affairs with other women.

There is no detailed information available about her half-siblings.

Her father Pitbull’s Achievements

Destiny’s father Pitbull has worked alongside incredible singers and done songs for World Cups. He did the song “We Are One (Ole Ole)” for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The song featured Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte who are both incredibly talented people. The song was praised by many people all over the world.

Destiny’s father also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the month of July 2014. As recently as 2020, Pitbull also partnered with LiveXLive. This collaboration gave them exclusive rights for concerts, videos, and more. In addition to this, Pitbull released a new single in the August of 2020. The single was titled Te Quiero Baby which was a Latin song with a Pop Singer Chesca.

Destiney joins her father philanthropy

In addition to being a rapper and a businessman, Pitbull is also a humanitarian. He has been involved with many Activist groups throughout his career. He has helped the Latin Community in his hometown. Pitbull’s father also has a Social Impact where he has focused for the last decade and has helped close the poverty gap with educational initiatives.

He has also helped middle and high school students in Sports Management and helped improved the graduation rate of states like Miami, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.  The school is run by a non-profit Mater Academy.

In addition to this, Pitbull also made donations and helped out the people in need when Hurricane Maria hit. He announced that he would bring his private plane to help cancer patients from Puerto Rico to the United States for treatment as well.

During the pandemic, Pitbull released a song that inspired people to battle the pandemic and the song was quite beautiful. It had an incredible message and all the proceeds from the song were donated to a foundation that helped people in this difficult time.

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