Who Is Phil Swift? (Man Behind Flex Seal)

phil swift

Phil Swift is an American businessman and he is also co-owner of the company called Flex Seal Products Company.

He was born on March 3, 1961, and he was born to a lower-class family but he has made a lot of fortune from his business and struggle.

He was born in Los Angeles, California and he also has a brother whose name is Alan Swift Alan has a degree in business management and he completed his education at the University of Houston and he also got more than 20+ years of experience.

This brother did a lot of struggle in his life and this brother also completed their education from the same college, Alan also said that he loves his brother and he thinks of Phil as his own parents.

Phil Swift Career

Phil is an expert in his marketing business and he is a kind of marketing guy These two brothers started their marketing business in the 80s and they found their own company in 2011 and named it Swift Response LLC.

This guy became famous after he used to get seen on Flex Seal products TV advertise as a spokesman. So, many people started to get attention to this and started to search about him as well on the internet.

His business has been sponsoring many NASCAR Xfinity series team JD Motorsports since 2013. Many people used to doubt the effectiveness of this product but in a race that was held in 2017, there was an accident on a car that was driven by Garrett Smithley at Daytona.

At the same time, Flex Tape was used to repair the car damage and Garrett continue the race also finishing it on the eight positions, the popularity was more boom from that time since the durability test of this product was done over there.

Phil Swift Flex Seal

Phil got famous due to his very effective Flex Seal ads which you can see on YouTube as well as on TV as well.

You can see most of the experiments done on a commercial where he use Flex Seal and its various products to make a boat. His business got boom due to his very effective commercial and also due to his quality products.

Many YouTubers as well as news companies also tested his product and guess what? His products are really durable and strong and his experiments are also all real.

The Flex-Seal was more boom when a guy named JonTron on YouTube published a video called Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE and this video was the greatest hit of his YouTube channel making it more than 50M+ views and lots of demand from viewers for this kind of video part 2.

Phil Swift’s Net worth

Phil is a rich guy and he is self-made most of his earnings are from Flex Seal which was started in 2011 with his brother and the product was big viral on the internet.

His company has made more than $6 Billion+ sales it is counting more and more each year, now slowly his company product has become daily household needs.

His marketing skill is completely awesome and very much effective, the way he acts and does experiments is the success of his business boom.

As of 2021, his net worth has been estimated to be more than $10 Million and it has been increasing very rapidly as well.

Flex Tape MeMe

I don’t think there is anyone who’s active on social media and doesn’t know about the flex tape meme, but do you know how the meme started? if you don’t then here’s what you need to know.

On February 1, 2017, Flex Seal uploaded their commercial video, and the same year on October 1, Youtuber JonTron uploaded a 10 minutes long funny video titled “Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE” the video went viral and it has more than 60 million views as of now.

It did not end there as Jon uploaded a second video on Dec 3, 2018, and ever since the funny videos came, memes about flex tape and Phil Swift has taken over the internet.

Memes have helped promote his flex tape for free and I believe that it even helped him and his company to grow more than ever.

His $20 Million Manson

As we estimated his net worth to be $10 Million but later, we found that he has bought a home in Gulf Stream for about $20 Million.

Unlike in Jon’s video, Phil is no superman but there is no doubt that this guy is a super genius at marketing his stardom does not seem to get low thanks to Jon and other memers but more importantly he himself also works hard for his company.

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