Who is Pedro Rivera’s Wife, Juana Ahumada?

Pedro Rivera Wife Juana Ahumada
Name Juana Ahumada
Birth Date 7 August 1995 (Rumor)
Birth Place United State of America
Age Around 40s
Height 5’5” feet
Net Worth $500,000 US Dollars
Education Graduated
Profession Pedro Rivera’s Assistant
Marital Status Married
Marriage Year 2019
Husband Pedro Rivera
Step-Children Juan Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr, Gustavo Rivera, Lupillo Rivera
Rosie Rivera, Jenni Rivera
Nationality American
Residence USA

If you are fond of Mexican music, you probably know Juana Ahumada, a famous personality better known by her husband Pedro Rivera. Pedro Rivera Juana’s husband is a well-known Mexican artist. Juana is a stepmother of famous personalities and superstars Lupillo Rivera and Jenni Rivera. Juana’s husband Pedro owns one of the largest Latin record labels in the world (Cintas Acuario).

Before she was married to Pedro Rivera she used to be his personal assistant and reports suggest that their affair started while he was still married to his first wife Rosa Saavedra. In this blog post, we are going to explore more on Juana Ahumada’s personal life and few facts although there are not many discoveries about her as her husband Pedro has not posted any information about her.

Juana Ahumada’s Husband

As mentioned above her husband is a famous and well-known Mexican recording artist. He has seven children and some of them are really famous artists themselves. His son Lupillo Rivera and his Daughter Jenni Rivera (Dolores Janney) are both singers and songwriters. Sadly his daughter Jenni died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012.

Juana’s husband Pedro Rivera was born on February 23, 1943, he is now 78 years old. Before marrying Juana he was married to Rosa Saavedra. They were married in 1963 and they decided to separate in 2008, I mentioned earlier as well that Pedro Rivera and Juana Ahumada’s affair started while Pedro was still married to his first wife Rosa Saavedra.

Is Juana Ahumada Mexican or an American?

Many fans are wondering if Juana is Mexican or an American, and we can say that she is an American as she was born and raised in the United States. But wait, some reports suggest that she belongs to a Mexican background. As for her husband, you guys already know that he belongs to the Mexican race and he moved to the United States and later settled in the long beach located in California. If you want to know about Juana’s parents or siblings, we are sorry but there is not much information about her family as I mentioned earlier, her husband has not posted any information about her. Juana was born on August 7, 1981 (Not Sure) which makes her Capricorn.

Juana Ahumada’s Education and Career

Pedro Rivera Wife Juana Ahumada

Juana is well educated we can guess as she used to be a personal assistant to Pedro Rivera her current husband, I think to be an assistant requires a higher education as you have to manage many things and you have to be knowledgeable as well.

Also, many people confuse her with Pedro Rivera (Educator) who was secretary of education in Pennsylvania and was also noted by the white house, please don’t confuse her with Pedro Rivera (Educator) her husband is Pedro Rivera (Musician).

Every body started to know Juana after she started working for famous Mexican artist Pedro Rivera. So what did she used to do before working for Pedro? There is no report for that hence, we do not know what work she used to do before she worked as a personal assistant for Pedro. As a matter of fact, reports suggest even after their marriage she still work as his personal assistant. By the time they got married in 2019, Juana had been working as Pedro’s personal assistant for 8 long years.

Her Body Measurement

Juana has a pretty average height of 5 feet and 5 inches and 164 in cm. As per reports, she is around 55kg or so and she wears a 34 size bra. And for her body measurements, she is 34-28-40. She is a beautiful woman with dark red hair.

Criticism On Their Marriage

When Pedro first announced that he is now officially married to his assistant Juana Ahumada many people criticized their marriage. Some people stated that Rivera always makes fools of themselves and many others stated that the marriage in itself is a big pun and it is hilarious.

Well, people will always say something or other it’s their profession, whatever the people said the couple is now living happily and enjoying their married life. As a token of love Pedro even posts his wife’s picture on his social media accounts now and then.

Juana’s Children

Few reports suggest that Juana has children but we are not really sure if she has any children or not but what we know is she is a stepmother to Pedro’s six children and as I mentioned above, unfortunately, their daughter died in December 9 of 2012 on a plane crash. Fun fact Juana is even younger than Pedro’s son Lupillo.

Was Juana Married Before Marrying Pedro?

As we all know that Pedro was married to Rosa Saavedra in 1963 after that they moved to California. After years of their marriage, Pedro started having affair with his personal assistant so Pedro and Rosa separated in 2008.

As for Juana, she was not married to anyone before marrying Pedro. She is married for the first time to Pedro let’s hope for their everlasting marriage.


As she is stepmother to Pedro’s children so naturally, she is step-grandmother and step-great-grandmother to Pedro’s children’s children as well, and reports suggest that Juana Ahumada has 14 step-grandchildren and 4 step great-grand children.

As her husband, Pedro Rivera is much older than her and even Pedro’s son Lupillo Rivera is older than Juana it is only natural to have that many step-grandchildren and step-great-grandchildren.


As I already mentioned earlier, Juana is not active on any social media sites but her husband Pedro is active on social media sites and he has 346k followers on Instagram.

How Much Does Juana Ahumada Earn (Net Worth)

Few reports suggest that Juana is from a rich family and her net worth is $2 million estimated but I don’t think that’s the case because her husband who is a well-known artist and who owns one of the largest Latin record labels in the world (Cintas Acuario) has estimated only $4 million.

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