About Ant-Man Actor Paul Rudd’s Wife Julie Yaeger

julie yaeger with paul rudd

Julie Yaeger is the wife of the Antman actor Paul Rudd. She herself has a career as a screenwriter as well. So, when did Paul and Julie met and what does Julie do exactly? Let us find out.

Julie Yaeger is a Publicist and a Screenwriter!

Julie Yaeger has a pretty widespread career. She is first and foremost an actress from New York. But she started off as a publicist and then turned into a TV producer. She is a mother of two children and the wife of Paul Rudd, who is probably one of the most humble actors in Hollywood.

Julie is kind of like a glue that binds the Rudd family together. She was born in the year 1968, on the 13th of August. Her hometown is New York and her total net worth right now exceeds $70 million. Yes, Yaeger is a rich person!

Her first role was in the 1997 movie Men in Black. After that, she played in many movies before she started to date Paul. Her work and roles have changed over the years. She has worked for many companies like McDougall Communications and Good Way Group. In 2005, she also produced a TV series named The Suite with Dave Carger.

After that, she put all her focus into the Screenwriter role and she has been doing this job since 2017. Her first screenwriting project was ‘Fun Mom Dinner.’ The character she wrote for this movie got a good response from the critics.

How Did Paul Rudd And Julie Yaeger Meet?


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Paul Rudd met Yaeger after his breakthrough role as Josh in the movie Clueless. Rudd also traveled to New York just after Clueless. He was there to find a new publicist and his future wife, Julie, worked in that office. So, that is how they met. Rudd came in town but he was late for the audition so, Rudd went to the Publicist’s office and Yaeger took care of his luggage. This was how the two met. After a few days, Rudd asked Yaeger out for lunch and they hit it off.

Rudd and Yaeger Are Still Going Strong

Rudd and Yaeger were together for a long time, several years in fact, before getting married in the year 2003. Rudd’s career started to take off and he got better roles so, he wanted to share his success with someone.

Rudd also got some high-profile roles back then. He was in the show FRIENDS which was the biggest show on the planet back then. In the year 2004, Rudd and Yaeger had a son together named Jack Sullivan. After 5 years, the pair were blessed with a daughter. Her name is Derby. The family currently lives in New York where they own a house.

Yaeger is quite outgoing. She appears along with her husband on the red carpet. And the whole family was present when Rudd got his Hollywood Walk of Fame. Rudd and Yaeger have worked together as well, Yaeger wrote the script whereas Rudd was an executive producer in the same movie.

They are now slowly getting to their 20th anniversary and they have quite a good future for themselves. Paul has been in many high-profile films over the years like Ant-Man, Infinity War, Civil War, Endgame, and more. He will also make an appearance in the upcoming  Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as well as the next Ghostbuster movies. The latter of which will be released later this year.

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