Who is Patty Duke’s Ex-Husband, Michael Tell?

Michael Tell

Michael Tell is the ex-husband of a famous and well-known actress Patty Duke. Michael is also a popular rock promoter but he gained more popularity after getting married to the late actress Patty Duke, their marriage did not last long as they were married in 1970 and they parted their ways also in 1970.

Even though they got separated many years ago, still many fans, especially Patty’s, are curious to know about Michael like how is doing now, where is he and what is he doing nowadays. If you also want to know more about Michael Tell then you are at the right place because in this blog post or article we are going to cover everything we know about Patty Duke’s ex-husband Michael Tell.

Who Is Michael Tell?

Many of us know Michael because of his ex-wife, an actress, and a mental advocate Patty Duke but do you know what was he doing before he got married to Patty or what he is been doing after their marriage.

Michael has been keeping his life private for a long, he was quite a popular pop promoter but still, there is not much information found on the internet about him. He has kept his life really private from the media that we don’t even know his birthdate or even his age.

Social Media Accounts Of Michael Tell

Michael is not active on any social media accounts and we don’t even know if uses any social media accounts. This man is a ghost and his life is a riddle as for now at least.

Sean Astin

Soon after marrying the popular actress Patty, the actress had a son so there was confusion among fans if Sean Astin is Michael’s biological son or not. But soon later it was found that Sean was indeed not Michael’s son but his biological father is an American actor John Astin. Wait this is pretty insane but when Sean turned 14 his mother Patty confessed to him that John is not his real father, his real father is Desi Arnaz Jr.

But when Sean was in his 20’s he met a relative of Tell and they thought that they were related somehow so he decided to get a DNA parental test so he summoned all three of his dads and did the test and turns out Micheal is his biological father.

Also, reports suggest that actor Sean Astin stated if you are wondering who my father is then John Astin is my father and Michael Tell is my biological father.

For How Long Did Micheal & Patty Married?

Michael Tell and Patty Duke

As mentioned earlier Micheal and Patty got married in 1970 but their marriage not even lasted for 2 weeks as the couple separated after only 13 days of their marriage. There are some rumors about their marriage which I will be writing about.

According to our sources, Patty was in a lunatic state when she married Micheal without forethought also she was pregnant with Sean at the time so she decided to marry, and also Micheal had been renting her an apartment.

In Her Life-Time, Patty Was Married Four Times

Patty is an actress who even won Oscar for her performance, In 1965 she was married for the first time to the director “Harry Falk” who happened to be 13 or 14 years older than her after several years, precisely speaking after four years of their marriage in 1969 the couple finally decided to get a divorce.

After her first unsuccessful marriage, she got married to “Micheal Tell” in 1970 June as per the report and as mentioned their relationship ended in just 13 days of getting married. Soon after the actress and Micheal separated she started to date actor “John Astin” and in 1973 they decided to get married and soon after their marriage, Patty gave birth to a son “Sean Astin”. And after being married for 13 years, in 1985 the couple decided to get a divorce.

Micheal Pearce who the actress Patty was married to was a drill sergeant, after dating a couple of times they decided to get married in 1986 their relationship was really strong as they remained husband and wife until the Oscar-winning actress passed away in 2016.

Ex-Wife’s Death

Micheal Tell’s wife and the Oscar-winning actress Patty Duke took her last breath on earth on March 16, 2016. Patty died of sepsis. She was born on 1946, December 14 in New York. She was honored with the Acamadic Awards for the best-supporting actress for her performance in the movie “The Miracle Worker” she was 15 years old when she did the role. She also won an Oscar.

What Is Micheal’s Son Sean Doing Now A Days?

As mentioned above Sean was born when Patty was married to John Astin on 1971, February 25. And just like his mother and father John, Sean is an actor who has worked on many movies and television series, If you guys have seen this really popular series “Stranger Things” then you know him he did the character of “Bob Newby” in the series, also he has worked in many famous movies as well like “The Lord Of The Rings”, “50 First Dates”, “The Do-Over”.

He is now 50 years old and along with acting he also produces movies. He is married to “Christine Harrell” who is 51-52 years old, she is known to serve as vice president and CEO of Lava Entertainment other than that she is also known as the 52 years old film producer and a wife of a famous actor Sean Astin.

Sean and Christine were married in 1992 and they are still living as a married couple happily as for their children the couple has 3 children, Ali Astin, Elizabeth Louise Astin, and Isabella Louise Astin. Ali Astin is 24 years old and just like her father she is an actress. Ali has worked in the famous movie along with her dad “The Lord Of The Rings”. As for her sister Elizabeth Louise Astin, she is now 18 years old and for their youngest sibling Isabella Louise Astin there is no information about her besides her birthdate, she was born in 2005 which makes her now 15 years old.

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