About Matthew McConaughey’s brother, Pat McConaughey

Pat Mcconaughey

Hollywood is literally filled with famous people. You might know the Academy Award Winning actor Matthew McConaughey. But do you know that he has an older brother? Well, Pat McConaughey is his name and today, we are going to talk about this slightly less famous person. So, what is the relationship between Pat and Matthew? What does Pat do? When was he born? Let us get all the information!

Pat McConaughey is Adopted

Pat and Matthew McConaughey are not blood brothers. The two are related though. Pat was adopted but still, Pat’s adopted mother has nothing but love for him. Pat was born in the year 1962. He got adopted by Mary Kathlene McCabe and James Donald McConaughey when he was just 2 years.

Pat has an older brother named Rooster McConaughey who was born in 1954. They had difficulty conceiving a second son and that was the reason why the parents decided to adopt Pat. Their older son was also asking for a little sibling back then!

Pat’s adoptive mother Mary is a New Jersey native. She grew up in Trenton and used to work as a KG teacher. She is also an author and has some published works!

Pat and Matthew’s father was James and he used to on an Oil Pipe Supply business. Pat also played college football while he was studying. He also played for Kentucky Wildcats as well as Houston Cougars before getting drafted by NFL’s Green Bay Packers. Pat was not able to play in the NFL though as Green Bay released him before the season even started.

Matthew McConaughey’s Unexpected Birth

Matthew McConaughey

The reason why Pat was adopted was that his adoptive parents couldn’t have a second child. But Pat’s parents got pregnant again and Matthew was born. The news was quite miraculous for the pair. They had Matthew in the year 1969. He was born in the month of November that year.

Matthew’s name also has a symbolic meaning. It means a gif from God and that’s what his birth was like. His mother said that the child was blessed in an interview.

Mary is a very positive person

The matriarch of the McConaughey household, Mary is quite a positive and a tad bit a superstitious person. She did an interview in Today’s Show and said that her positivity played a big role in the life of her children. In this interview, she said that she had always been quite a positive thinker. She has the power of thinking in a positive manner and she doesn’t like being around negative people.

She was also quite strict with her sons and demanded discipline. Mary let her children go into the real world after they reached 18 though. She was essentially preparing her sons for the actual world. Rules were there in the McConaughey household as well. The children were allowed 1 hour of TV per day.

Matthew revealed that no one thought about entering the world of Hollywood from their family. Even Matthew wanted to be a lawyer but when Don Phillips discovered his innate talent to act, Matthew got into Hollywood and eventually became an Oscar-winning actor.

Who is Matthew’s Brother Pat McConaughey?

Pat is quite a private person. He has kept most facts about his life to himself. Pat became insanely famous as the older brother of Matthew. His brother Matthew is a world-famous artist though. He has played many roles in movies like Angels in the Outfield and Massacre. Matthew got actually famous for his performance in the Dallas Buyers Club, a movie that came out in 2013. He also got an Oscar for this movie!

As the information about Pat is quite limited, we also don’t know if he is married or not. We guess he is married as his younger brother has already tied the knot. Yes, Matthew is married right now to Camila Alves. He has been married for some time now. He also has three children with Camila.

What is Pat McConaughey Net Worth?

We don’t know Pat’s exact net worth right now. But we can tell you about Matthew’s worth. He is a multimillionaire worth around $140 million. His wealth comes from his very successful acting career. Matthew also has assets all over the country. He owns a $10 million dollars worth mansion in Malibu, California. He sold this mansion for $15 million in 2020. Pat’s older brother Rooster, on the other hand, is worth around $55 million.

Pat is an Inspiration

Matthew cites his older brother as a big inspiration for his acting career. Pat and Matthew have a brotherly relationship with each other and the two have been best of friends for a long time.

Pat is also an inspiration for Matthew’s character named David Wooderson in the movie Dazed and Confused. Matthew has stated this fact on multiple occasions. He also said that Pat was quite impressed with the way Matthew manage to portray that character.

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