Where is Pablo’s Daughter, Manuela Escobar Now?

Manuela Escobar with Pablo

Manuela Escobar is a famous king of cocaine Pablo’s Daughter. We all know about Pablo but there are many interesting things that you may want to know about his daughter Manuela too.

She is a married woman with business on her side and she is a witness to her father’s death.

After her father died the rival cartel Cali took control over the drug business and the Cali cartel wanted each of the family members of Pablo to be dead.

Let’s find out more interesting and miserable journey of Pablo Escobar’s daughter Manuela.

Pablo Escobar’s Daughter Is Manuela Escobar


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Manuela was born on May 24, 1984, and her birthplace was Colombia. She spent her life as a daughter of a famous and world top criminal aka King of Cocaine Pablo Escobar.

Her father died when she was just about 9 years old, her father was shootout by Colombian police, and the family of Pablo Escobar was targeted by their rival gangs which made them fly out of Colombia.

Their journey was not so easy they travel from place to place and city to city until finally being settled in Argentina. They also changed their name when they start their new life in Argentina.

The life of Manuela was going well until, her brother and mother were arrested in 1999, for money laundering cases and this case was not so easy because it was directly linked to the drugs business which was introduced by Pablo.

But due to lack of evidence, they were released but the horror part was their identity was revealed which can cause them grave danger.

Manuela also did not go to school for a long time and her mother took care of her studies at home, she completed her life as a student at home and finished her complete study over there.

Pablo Escobar Burned $2 Million To Keep Manuela Warm

You probably heard that Pablo burned $2 Million to keep his family warm, this incident was linked to Manuela. Pablo burned this much money to keep his daughter Manuela warm from the cold.

Pablo loved his daughter very much and he never left any chance to make his daughter happy. Many know about this incident but very few know about Manuela.

Manuela is now living happily and she has different names so, that she can stay safe from dangers.

Victoria Eugenia Henao was Manuela Escobar’s Mother


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Pablo Escobar’s wife Victoria was a mother of Manuela, her life was very luxurious and awesome when her husband was alive but as soon as her spouse died there started a lot of troublesome life.

Pablo and Victoria wed when she was just 15 years old means, she was just a kid while marrying this kingpin of a drug.

Once her husband became one of the wanted men in the world, she said her life got very worse because she was not able to talk, walk or sleep with her husband and she used to meet him barely.

In her book, you can find more about him, where she said she loves him very much but due to circumstances and to keep their children safe from the outer world, they need to get separated.

Manuela Brother Sebastián Marroquín

Sebastian is a big brother of Manuela and he was born in 1977, Marroquin is now living a life as a normal guy.

He was caught in 1999 for a money laundering case with his mother. Marroquin has written a book about his father and has made a documentary about his father’s life.

His book name is Pablo Escobar: My Father and the documentary name is Sins of my Father. In this documentary, he said something like, “Everybody thought us as a Pablo Escobar, my father has done a lot of sins, but society view I am also same and my family is also same like our father.”

From this documentary, he said that we are the children of the boss but we are not cartels, and judging us the same as our father is completely wrong.

In 2018 Sebastian got arrested for a money laundering case same as was happened in 1999 and the charges for this case is still pending.

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