Who is Ozzy Osbourne’s Son, Louis Osbourne?

Louis Osbourne is an actor, singer, and eldest son of Ozzy Osbourne and Thelma Riley. He has also appeared on the reality show The Osbournes, his father was one of the popular singer from England who is also famous for his work at the metal band Black Sabbath.

Louis has been involved in the world of music from a young age and this guy has the same spirit as his father when it comes to music. Besides, he also has experience in Djing, and now he owns the business where he works as an artist manager and his company name is All Night Artists.

Louis Osbourne is the eldest son of Ozzy

Louis’s full name is Louis John Osbourne and he was born in 1975 in Birmingham, England, the same place where his father formed the famous musical band Black Sabbath. Furthermore, his mother’s name is Thelma Riley and she is also the first wife of Ozzy.

The love life of his parents did not go well and they got separated as soon as their first son was born. The main reason for the separation was Ozzy’s behavior where he was abusing drugs and this was the main reason which created trouble for the family. This was a hard time for the family because it created a lot of problems and hard times for the family.

As a result, Louis’s mother raised her children on her own and she passed through many hard times in her life but she never made any media attention to her problems.

There is no personal information about his past life and also about his school life, but what we know is he completed his education in his hometown.

Louis Osbourne’s Siblings

Louis Osbourne has a biological sister and her name is Jessica Osbourne, there is no information available about her because she is living a very secretive and low-key life.

Besides, this Louis also has a half-brother named Elliot Kingsley who was born from his previous marriage live and now she is a famous actor. Louis also has a stepmom and her name is Sharon Osbourne, she is a second wife of Ozzy and from this relation of his father, he has some half-siblings Aimee Rachel OsbourneKelly Michelle Lee Osbourne, and Jack Joseph Osbourne. He has a good relationship with each other and they are very close with each other as well.

He declared bankruptcy

louis osbourne DJing

After making appearances on the first episode of The Osbourneshe later made more appearances on other episodes of this show which made his popularity a little wider and known to the public. He also made a special appearance on the episode of Christmas on the show.

His acting was loved by many people from all over the world and they quickly fell in love with this guy’s acting skill, which made many people assume that if this guy will make more of his fortune from the entertainment world.

Later, he followed the entertainment world but not in shows or movies but in music like his father. Louis was very interested in music from a young age and being the son of a famous singer he always used to dream to become like his father.

So, he started to join bands and also started a DJ career and his skills in DJing are really cool and impressive besides, he has also done a lot of concerts in the USA and Ibiza. As soon as he became a famous DJ this guy started his own label company with the name All Night Artists.

He started this company with his friend Jamie Anderson as the name All Night artists their theme was also playing music all night. After the collaboration, this duo released many songs together which was also a great hit.

Jamie and Louis were climbing the ladder of success day by day and they soon began to make a lot of remixes for Kerri Chandler and many other artists. The duo has done a lot of concerts together and has gone on tours many times in a year. But the things didn’t remain the same because this label was not succeeding as it was looking and as per their plan as a result this label was declared bankrupt in September 2013.

Father Of Two Children

Louis is a married guy and his wife’s name is Louise Osbourne who is also an Irish actress. Their first meeting happened in Los Angeles at the time in 2002. When the couple met for the first time she was completely unknown to Louise and his family background because she was not a fan of rock music.

But their confidential meet was turned into marriage life and later a happy family life unlike, his father the relationship between them is close.

The couple were later blessed with two children and the name of the first daughter is Maia Osbourne, she was born in July 2006 at this time she is studying arts at Birmingham Ormiston Academy. Louis’s second child Elijah Osbourne was born just after some years of the Maia. Elijah is also interested in music and his love is with the drums and he loves to play them.

You can also find the pictures of the family on Louis Instagram account where he regularly adds the photo of his family. Till now we have not heard any issues about this family on any news and it looks like they are taking their marriage life seriously and deeply.

Louis net worth

Being the son of the richest singer he must have a pretty impressive fortune but as per some reports his net worth has been estimated to be around $1 million and he made most of his income from his musical career.

Talking about his father, Ozzy’s net worth is about $220 Million and it has increased rapidly in recent days, he has sold more than 100 million copies of his albums and there is also an apartment on his name which is worth around $13 million at this time.

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