About Ozzy Osbourne Adopted Son, Elliot Kingsley

Elliot Kingsley

Elliot Kingsley is an American theater artist who came into the limelight as the stepson of legendary English metal singer-songwriter Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy had adopted Elliot in 1971 shortly after getting married to Thelma Riley.

However, Elliot has made a name for himself as well. Do you want to know about his personal life and relationship status? If you are, you are in the right place because we will tell you everything you need to know about him including his parents’ relationship, siblings, net worth, and more in today’s article.

Elliot Kingsley had a fascination for acting from a very young age

Elliot Kingsley was born in the year 1966 in the United States. He was born to English teacher Thelma Riley. The details about his biological father haven’t been revealed yet. His mother married Ozzy Osbourne a few years after he was born. He was born and raised in the United States even though his mother is British.

According to his birthdate, he is currently 56 years old and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. He is a good-looking and handsome man. He has a pair of brown eyes and brown hair. His height is 6’2″ (188 cm).

He had a decent childhood but he had to face some difficulties because of his stepfather’s addiction and his parent’s unstable marriage. So, even though they had a good relationship with each other initially, Elliot lacked a father figure as Ozzy couldn’t be there for his stepson during his early years due to addiction and absence. Recently, Ozzy even admitted that his marriage to Thelma was a colossal mistake.

As mentioned earlier, he was adopted by Ozzy in 1971, and being an adopted kid of a famous personality is not easy as you are constantly surrounded by cameras—from paparazzi to fans to live streams on your own smartphones. However, he has managed to live a low-key life throughout these years.

It is also revealed that Elliot had a fascination for acting from a very young age. Thus, he has worked on several plays including Romeo and JulietFiddler on the Roof, and THe Story Giant. Let’s talk about his career under the next subheading.

The turning point of Elliot Kingsley’s career

Talking about his career, he started working as a freelance Speech and Drama teacher in the United Kingdom. His passion for theatre acting grew more and more so he eventually sought a career as an actor in this field. He has had a pretty fruitful career in theatrics as his passion for theatre acting is pretty evident.

Elliot enrolled in theatre acting classes when he was twenty years old. Since then he has played significant roles in various plays widely appreciated and enjoyed. He was recognized and loved by many people for his role in Romeo and Juliet.

Well, working in the theatre and plays can be certainly challenging, but Elliot has worked hard and proved his talent. His job as a freelance speech and drama teacher in schools was a turning point in Elliot Kingsley’s career as he earned recognization from many people through his passionate work.

Additionally, he also became a member of Everyman Company 2017 and has been hardworking, compassionate, and dedicated to his work. Initially, many people had wondered if his stepfather’s career path would inspire him and whether he would pursue a career in the music industry. But it looks like he has chosen his own path and is interested in theatre acting.

Elliot’s current relationship status

Elliot Kingsley with family

Even though Elliot is a celebrity kid, he has managed to remain out of the media’s spotlight and has been very private about his personal life. It seems like he prefers to live a low-key and silent life. Furthermore, he is not that famous yet and has not been part of scandals and controversies as well.

As a result, there is little to no information about his personal and love life. However, he is already 56 years old so the possibility of him having a family is very high. He is a very career-oriented person who has been building his career in the entertainment industry. So, it is safe to assume that he is presumably single and is planning to start a family.

Let’s hope that he will give us some close-ups of his relationship in the future. But till then we might have to wait for some time to get additional information about his relationship.

Elliot’s stepfather is known as the Godfather of Metal

Ozzy Osbourne (aka John Micheal) is an acclaimed, singer, songwriter, and television personality who is the most famous English artist of his generation. He came into the limelight as the lead vocalist in the band Black Sabbath and his name was even on one of the stars in the Hall of Fame in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, he got fired from his band because of his drug and alcohol problems in 1979. His drug and alcohol addiction greatly affected his life and he eventually became a solo artist. He has released several hits during that period and tried to stay sober curently.

In 1997, he was welcomed back in the Black Sabbath and released multiple hits from the band since then. Interestingly, Ozzy is known as the Godfather of Metal and THe Prince of Darkness. In the year 2005, he even starred in a reality television show The Osbournes. The show was bout his family and it showed some insights into his family.

Who is Elliot’s mother? When did she meet Ozzy?

Elliot’s mother Thelma Riley was a teacher from England. After ending her relationship with Elliot’s biological father she got married to her lover Ozzy Osbourne in 1971. At the time, Elliot was just five years old and was legally adopted by Ozzy after the marriage.

It was revealed that the couple had met each other in a nightclub called the Rum Runner, where she worked, in Birmingham, England.  Things were going well between the two. Ozzy was successful as his band gained popularity and found the woman he loved and married her. He even bought a house for £20,000 and thought he had everything.

The couple was blessed with two children as well; a daughter named Jessica Starshine Osbourne and a son named Louis Osbourne. Their first daughter Jessica was born on the 20th of January 1972. Louis’s exact birthday is not known but he was born in the year 1975. Initially, their relationship was going strong but their relationship couldn’t last long as they decided to get divorced. Are you interested to know the reason behind Thelma and Ozzy’s divorce? Let’s find out under the next subheading.

Why did Elliot’s mother and stepfather get divorced?

Even though everything was going well between the two at the beginning, the duo decided to get divorced in the year 1982. Elliot’s father even said that admitted that his marriage to Thelma was a “terrible mistake”.

However, the alleged reason behind their divorce was Ozzy’s negligence towards his family. At the time, he was at the peak of his career and would spend much of his time in touring and recording rather than being with his family. His children had even started calling him “absent father”.

Additionally, he also developed substance abuse along the way which caused complications with his partner. Thus, their relationship ended up in a messy divorce.

Ozzy quickly moved on after the divorce and he got hitched to TV personality Sharon Osbourne the same year. He reportedly abandoned all of his children and moved on with his new life. On the other hand, Thelma single-handedly raised her children.

Does Elliot have any siblings?

Elliot has five siblings in total. The name of his siblings is Kelly OsbourneAimee OsbourneJack OsbourneJessica Starshine Osbourne, and Louise Osbourne. As mentioned earlier, Jessica and Louise were born on their mother’s side. Whereas, the rest of his siblings are from his adoptive father’s side with his second wife Sharon Osbourne.

Unfortunately, Elliot hasn’t been seen with his half-siblings in public or in any photos. He also didn’t appear in any of Osbourne’s reality television series while most of his siblings starred. Likewise, his-half siblings have also admitted that Ozzy was not an ideal father figure to all of them. They said that he was negligent and all of their childhood missed a father figure.

Additionally, it was also revealed that the siblings don’t get along with one another and some of the siblings have openly talked about their differences.

How much does Elliot Kingsley earn? His presence on social media

As mentioned earlier, Elliot prefers to keep his personal life away from the media and the internet. He lives a simple life in Liverpool, England as compared to his stepfather. Unlike his other family members, he isn’t financially well off but he earns quite a decent amount of money nonetheless.

It is estimated that his net worth is $600,000. He earned quite a heft sum of money from his career as a theatrical artist/actor. Talking about his adoptive father’s net worth, his estimated net worth is $200 million. That’s a massive sum of money but whether Elliot will be part of his fortune is yet to be decided.

Talking about his presence on social media, he is available on Twitter but it doesn’t seem like he has much of a presence on social media. He is pretty active on Twitter but he only has a few hundred followers. But, he seems to enjoy retweeting constantly about various topics.

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