Who is O. J. Simpson’s Daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Sydney Brooke Simpson
Name Sidney Brooke Simpson
Age 32 years old
Birthdate 17TH, October 1985
Net worth $500,000

We all know who OJ Simpson is and what he has done. But today, we are not going to be talking about him. Rather, we are talking about his daughter Sydney.

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of OJ Simpson and Nicole Simpson. Nicole was founded dead and OJ was arrested for it. This is when Sydney became pretty famous. A very unfortunate timing.

But after that, Sydney has basically vanished from the media and has not made that many appearances. She does not like to be in the spotlight but a lot of people have questions about her. Her private life has led to many speculations and people want to her whereabouts, her marriage, what her career is and many other things. Today, we will try to answer these questions.

Who is OJ Simpson?

O.J. Simpson stands for Orenthal James Simpson and he was born on July 9 i 1947 A.D. His nickname is “The Juice.” OJ became famous for his football career. He used to play as the running back and later became a broadcaster when his career was over. He is also an actor and a spokesman.

O.J. was respected in the USA but then, he was convicted for the murder of his former Wife, Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. He was acquitted of the murders but a civil trial was held later and in this trial, he was declared responsible for both Ron and Nicole’s deaths.

Early Life

Sydney was born in the year 1985 on October 17. As we mentioned, her parents are O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. Sydney also has a brother named Justin Simpson who was born in the year 1988.

The two siblings had a really rough childhood. They had to witness the death of their mother by the hands of their father. Justin was just six when his mother was stabbed. Sydney took care of her brother and herself and now, both of them have a really good careers and life.

Justin grew up to become a very good real estate agent. And he is currently 31 years old. Sydney has also had a really good career

Death of her mother

O.J. and Nicole married on Feb 2, 1985. Their first date was at a nightclub. Nicole used to work as a waitress there.  Their relationship was actually an extra-marital affair.

O.J. divorced her then-wife Margeurite L. Whitley when the affair got public. The two got divorced in 1979.  O.J. had children with Whitley as well. So, Sydney and Justin have three half-siblings named Jason, Arnelle, and Aaren.  Out of the three, Aaren is dead. She actually died as an infant. Arnelle is currently 52 and Jason is 50 years old.

Anyway, moving on to the death of Nicole, She was found dead outside her Los Angeles home on June 12 of 1994. She had another person beside her who was also dead, he was Ron. Local Police discovered that it was her friend Ron Goldman who was a 35-year-old waiter. He had multiple knife wounds in his body.

The autopsy report said that Nicole was in a fetal position in a pool of blood. When it came to wounds, she had seven wounds so, she was stabbed 7 times in the neck as well as scalp. Nicole also had a very wide 14 cm long gash across her throat which is pretty horrible to even think about.


Syndey and her brother Justin both have a really respectable career right now. We already mentioned her brother’s career, let’s talk about Sydney’s career now.

Sydney completed her schooling at Gulliver’s Academy. Her grades were nice enough so, she got into Boston University and did a degree in Sociology. He graduated from the University’s Arts and Science faculty in 2010.

After graduation, Sydney spent most of her time in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to St. Petersburg in Florida.

She currently runs a business titled Simpsy LLC. It is a property management firm and she manages three properties that she owns in the area. The company is incorporated and pretty profitable in fact!


Sydney is still unmarried. Yes, she is single and has not really revealed anything about any future wedding plans. We also don’t have any information about her previous relationships. But given the fact that she is 35, it is safe to assume that she will get married pretty soon!

Net Worth and Social Media

Sydney runs a successful business so, she has quite a lot of money with her. If the rumors are correct, Sydney has a total net worth of around $500,000. What about her brother then? Well, her brother is even more successful and he has managed to obtain a net worth of $3 million.

In terms of social media, Sydney is famous on Instagram with more than 100K followers. She is not there on Twitter and other social media platforms though.

What does Sydney think of her father?

Sydney Brooke Simpson family

After Sydney lost her mother, she and her younger brother started to live with their mother’s family in LA. After a few years, the Brown family shared the custody of the children with O.J.’s family.

Initially, Simpson was not found guilty of the murders but she still remained a really controversial person for the rest of his life. He was found guilty of criminal conspiracy though and because of it, he did 9 years of jail time from 2008 to 2017.

During his jail time, Sydney and her younger brother actually refused to see their father. And the relationship between the father and the children has been quite sour. O.J. Simpson and his lawyers denied the claims. In addition, O.J. even said that he had no relationship with his children.

Who is O. J. Simpson’s Daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Who is O. J. Simpson’s son, Justin Ryan Simpson?

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