Who is Ninja’s Wife, Jessica Goch Blevins?

Jessica Goch Blevins

If you are a gamer, you definitely know Ninja. The game streamer has become very famous over the years for his job as a gamer.

The 27 year old gamer Ninja is actually married. And his real name is Tyler. Today, we are trying to provide a comprehensive information about Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins. So let us get started.

Who is Tyler?

Date of Birth 1992
Profession YouTuber
Subscribers 160K+
Husband Richard Tyler Blevins (Ninja)
Net Worth $2 Million

Tyler, also known as Ninja is a twitch streamer and a social media personality. He spends around 12 hours a day streaming video games on Twitch.

Twitch is a streaming platform from Amazon. Most of the time, Tyler does the streaming of Fortnite.

Fortnite is one of the most famous games in the world. The game generates more than $1 billion in revenue. Tyler constantly has views on his streams.

His wife Jessica helps him immensely though. She is actually a manager of Tyler whose job is to answer mails, make phone calls and handle Tyler’s all other businesses. The “Team Ninja” as she calls it is totally managed by Jessica.

Jessica was born on 1992 in Schofield, Wisconsin, America. She completed her school at Wausau, a city that is present in Wisconsin.

She joined the dance team there as she is very passionate about it.  In addition, she completed her graduation in the Communication stream from the University of Wisconsin.

From an early childhood, she enjoyed video recreation. She has also competed for gaming competition. She likes to play games like Pokemon and Super Mario.

Jessica also worked for Ubisoft and she came into the limelight after she married Ninja, a fellow game streamer.

What does Jessica do?

Jessica met Tyler in the Firefox tournament in 2016. They dated for a while and then they got married at the Lehmann Mansion in Illinois.

The pair married in 2017. The couple tours together as both of them are passionate about their work. They were recently seen at the Spy Awards in public.

Her career started in 2010 when she was operating with the STI Fleet services since her college days. She was also an ambassador for cyber solutions agency and then she went to work at Ubisoft.

She became an internet sensation after she married Ninja. Tyler Blevins, who is commonly known as Ninja and Jessica became friends in Facebook and then they later started talking.

Over the years, the pair got closer and their relationship finally turned into a marriage. She has managed to gather more than 160K subs on her YouTube channel as well.

Her relationship with Ninja

Jessica and Ninja aka Tyler first meeting was in the gaming tournament which was held in Wisconsin and at first they were just a friends but later they started to build their relationship more strong and romantic.

Three years later they started to date before that they were just a friend and at that time Tyler was also in a relationship with another woman. After they got to now each other from close this couple finally managed to get engaged in some year.

You can also watch this video where they have shared everything about their love life in detail. Later they also became a married couple and their marriage was held in Lehman Mansion, Lake Villa.

But by now this couple is living a happy life in Chicago, Illinois together and they are also making very good amount of money streaming videos on YouTube.

Her Hobbies

In her free time she loves to watch a gameplay and she also loves to travel as well as do shopping. Also taking about her actor she is fan of Tom Cruise and her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston.

Her favorite color is pink and she is in love with seafood also her hobbies are tons but this is the thing she enjoys the most.

What is Jessica’s net worth?

Ninja has managed to earn a lot of money from his twitch streams. He makes more than $500K a month from streaming Fortnite.

Jessica is also a really valuable personality though. She makes money by being Ninja’s manager. Aside from this, she also has a separate YouTube channel from where she earns good income.

While her husband Tyler has a total net worth of around $6 million, Jessica Blevins is worth more than $2 millions. This worth is subject to change though. With each day, the net worth of this internet couple will only be increasing.

She is super active on Gaming

Since 2014, Jessica has been active member on the word of gaming and she is also a gamer who uploads video on YouTube regularly. Her channel name is MsJessicaGoch and her subscribers are growing good.

Soon she also expand her experience from YouTube to Twitch and on many other projects for gaming. She has also streamed for 24 hour in Twitch which became a one of her longest stream hour record.

Also, she is a pubic relation manager in Ubisoft from 2014 to 2016 where she was in charge for the team of sales representative of Plantronics via ESL.

Jessica Appearances

She is a very beautiful lady also her hair color is blonde and her eye color is hazel also her height is about 5 ft 5 inch and her weight is about 55 kg making her appearances is fair. Also, her shoe size is 6 and her body stats is 34-27-36.

Do Ninja and Jessica Goch have kids?

By now this couple doesn’t have any kids and they has never talk about this as well but what we know is they got three puppies which them called as their kids.

Talking with Forbes, Jessica has also said that she will be adding two or more puppies very soon.

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