Who is Niki Lauda Ex-wife, Marlene Knaus?

Marlene Knaus is niki lauda ex-wife

Andreas Nikolaus Lauda better known as Niki Lauda was one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. He has won the F1 world drivers championship three times and he is the only F1 driver in history to be the champion of both McLaren and Ferrari.

He is not only an F1 driver but is an entrepreneur, he founded three airline companies Lauda, Niki, and Lauda Air. There may be only a few F1 racing fans that do not know of Niki Lauda and his life. In this article, we will be talking about Niki’s first wife Marlene Knaus cause even though Marlene was once the wife of a legend not much is known about her.

We will be giving every information and detail we have on Niki Lauda’s first wife Marlene Knaus in this post so stick with us and read the full article to know about Marlene.

Short Biography of Marlene Knaus

There is confusion on when Marlene was born as no one in the Lauda family have ever opened up about it but there was an article published by ‘The Sun’ in 2019 and the article mentioned that Marlene is 70 years so it is believed that Marlene was born around 1949 or 1950.

Just like her birthday, there is no information about her parents or siblings. It seems that she was born in America and she holds an Austrian Nationality as her family moved to Austria soon after she was born.

Many may not know but Marlene used to be a model, interior designer, and photographer but she does not seem to be much famous as she is more popular as Niki Lauda’s first wife than as a model.

Marlene seems to be a very private person as she has not opened up about her family background or where she went to school or university.

Her Career

Marlene wanted to become a top model so around the 1970s she started working to become a model, she was not famous or got many opportunities at first but she was getting recognition and many brands approached her. Her sense of fashion and loose-free hair got her the nickname it girl. Many women loved her hairstyle so at the time her hairstyle became a trend.

And as mentioned earlier she was also interested in photography and interior design. After she started dating Niki, for an unknown reason she stopped pursuing her model dream.

How Did They Meet?

Many may not know but when they first met, both Marlene and Niki were dating. As per the reports they first met at a party held by actor Curt Jurgens in 1975, and at the time Marlene was dating Jurgens and for Niki, he was engaged with a woman named Mariella von Reininghaus at the time.

Upon meeting Marlene and Niki immediately felt some connection between them and only a few months later both of them broke up with their partners and started dating. After dating for a few months they decided to get married and on March 11, 1976, they got married and were pronounced husband and wife.

Niki’s Fatal Accident

Only five months after their marriage, Niki got into a life-threatening accident in Nürburgring, Germany. According to a few sources, Marlene passed out when she saw her then-husband’s burns and injured eye. Niki was in a coma after the accident for some time but only after forty days of the accident, he was back to racing.

Marlene and Niki Has Two Children

After three years of their marriage on April 5, 1979, Marlene gave birth to their first child Lukas Lauda and two years after Lukas was born, she was pregnant with Niki’s other child and on January 30, 1981, she gave birth to Lukas’ brother Mathias Lauda.

Lukas is a very private person so there is not much information on him but on the other hand, his brother Mathias has followed his father’s steps and has become an F1 driver. Even though he is not as successful as his father he is doing well for him and it is said that Lukas is his manager.

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