Who is Nick Cannon Brother, Gabriel Cannon?

Gabriel Cannon

Gabriel Cannon is the brother of the American Actor and Rapper Nick Cannon. Nick has been popular because of his show titled Wild N’ Out. He is one of the most recognizable faces in Hip-Hop and his whole career has been about that. Today, we are going to be giving you a comprehensive information about Gabriel and all he has done in the field of TV and entertainment but before that let us introduce Nick Cannon.

Who is Gabriel Cannon’s brother, Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon is one of the most hard working people in Hollywood. He is a complete star who has been working tirelessly for his acting career. He has a lot of music under his belt and he has been hosting various gigs and concerts. In addition to that, he is a father to three kids now and his ex-wife is the famous singer Mariah Carey.

Although Nick has worked for himself incredibly well, it looks like his personal life is not really that great. The relationship he has with his siblings is not really great. The relationship is actually pretty shaky with his younger brother Gabriel. As he has suffered a number of trials and tribulations in order to make it pretty big in Hollywood, he has met with a number of difficulties as well.

So, how close are Gabriel and Nick? Let us find out.

Relationship between Gabriel and Nick

Nick Cannon grew up in quite a big family. He was raised by his parents, grandfather and he had his brothers with him too. Nick had three brothers : Gabriel, Reuben and Caleb. The family did not live a particularly luxurious life. Rather, they were affiliated with gangs when they were growing up. But the star was affiliated with gangs growing up but he kind of made it in life and was able to feel safe and comfortable when he got affiliated with church. It was there that his love for music started.

It was at this time that the brothers were really into music and Nick liked to entertain people. This is why he made it so fast in the Hollywood and found himself on various different platforms such as Nickelodeon and more. His brothers were fans of Nick and they idolized him massively. His younger brother said that Gabriel’s relationship with Nick though started becoming a bit distant when Nick started gaining fame.

Jealousy and Resentment are often seen as the reasons behind brothers being apart and the Cannons faced it two. While the two brothers had nothing but respect for each other’s grind, the business side of things took a turn for worse and Nick was stuck at taking care of his career without his brothers.

Gabriel was on the Streets

Gabriel was bit on the street side and this was the reason why the cracks with Nick started forming. Everything was finished when the brothers became fighting with each other and Gabriel was kicked out of the group.

Gabriel wanted to be as famous as Nick but that did not happen for him. In addition, he got arrested quite a few times for stealing camera equipment from a person named Alex Moreno who used to work in Reality TV at that time.

It was during this point that Gabriel did not want to chase fame and he started to build his own relationship with the church. But the relation between the brothers was still not good.

Right now though, things have cooled down and the brothers have decent relationship with each other.

Gabriel’s Career

Gabriel Cannon does have a good enough career though. He is well known for his work in the Wild ‘N Out Series in 2005 and was a part of Nick’s crew in the beginning.  In addition, he also had that criminal career on the streets. But anyway, he has had a good career till now. But we don’t have any idea to what he does right now. He might be unemployed but that is just a speculation. He is still working on his music though. With a small following on Instagram, he is still pushing his music and that is a good thing.

Net Worth

While we don’t have an exact number on Gabriel’s net worth we think that he is worth a considerable amount of money. He might be worth around 3 million dollars but that is just a wild guess from all the rumors we have seen on the Internet. We will provide you the exact figure once we get to know about it.

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