Where is murderer Chris Watts’ Girlfriend Nichol Kessinger Now?

Nichol Kessinger Chris Watts

We have often seen in a movie that when someone is killed by their close ones, they pretend to know nothing and they even ask the police to find out the culprit. However, the story of Nichole Kessinger is not fictional but it is a real story. Nichole was a mistress of a guy named Chris Watts who was married to Shanann Rzucek and the two of them even had daughters named Celeste Cathryn “CeCe” and Bella Marie Watts. Furthermore, Shanann was also carrying a 15 weeks boy on her belly who they were going to name Nico.

So who is Nichole Kessinger? She was a mistress of Chris Watts and they were secretly dating. According to Nichole, Chris was planning to divorce Shanann.

Chris’ wife Shanann and daughters went missing

On August 13, 2018, Shanann returned home from a business trip and her husband Chirs was present with their daughter in their home. Later, Shanann had scheduled obstetrics and gynecology but she did not go there and she even missed her friend Nickole Atkinson’s text. After Shanann did not respond to her text she went to her house but nobody answered so she called Chris who was at work and then she reported that her friend and her daughters were missing to the police.

The next day during the investigation, Chris told police that he had not seen his wife and daughters since he left for work the previous day.

Chris was convicted of murder

Six days before Shanann and her daughters went missing she texted her friend that her marriage might not be working out. She texted, “Chris told me last night he’s scared to death about this third baby. And he’s happy with just Bella and Celeste and doesn’t want another baby.”

However, her friend comforted her and texted, “He’s just scared. Everything will be fun once the baby comes out.” But Shanann had already noticed something off so she texted back, “He has changed. I don’t know who he is.” When her friend asked her “What do you mean?” Shanann replied, “He hasn’t touched me all week, kissed me, talked to me except for when I’m trying to figure out what is wrong.”

Later when Chris took the polygraph test he failed and he said that he murdered his wife and daughters. He also said that he was having an affair with Nichole Kessinger and tried to give his wife a divorce.

He further said that Shanann brought their daughters into the response of separation which angered Chris and he strangled his wife to death and took her body to an oil storage site where he was working. He then buried Shanann’s body and smothered his daughters in oil storage tanks.

Nichol Kessinger and Chris Watts

Nichol Kessinger was born in the year 1988 and she had a very deep interest in geology. She is a native of Colorado and she graduated from Colorado State University in the year 2013. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree with an emphasis on Geology. Nichole also has an Associate of Science degree which she received after studying geological sciences and geosciences at the Community College in Aurora.

When the two met, Kessinger claimed that Watts had assured her that he was in the process of divorcing his wife. For most of Kessinger’s life, he spent in her home state. He went from Aurora to Denver all the way to Fort Collins. And she did a lot of studying. She had good access and opportunities in the Science field.

Although her career started as a bookkeeper, she became an engineer later on in her life. By early 2018, Kessinger joined Tasman Geosciences where Chris Watts used to work. The two used to work with each other and were colleagues before they became close to each other.

Kessinger told the police that they started to hang out together 2 months before the murders and Chris told her that he was separated from his wife. He also told Nichol about her two kids.

The Murder took place in the August of 2018. Chris’ wife was pregnant when she was murdered. They had still not separated on the date of her murder. While there is no hard evidence that Kessinger was involved in this heinous act, there is still one fact. Nichol and Chris had an almost two-hour-long phone call before the murders took place.

Chris Watts Murders His Family

In terms of the exact date, it was August 13 in 2018 early in the morning when Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife Shan’ann and their two daughters, Bella and Celeste.

He led everyone to believe that the family members disappear. Local Media flocked the house and Chris was shedding crocodile tears begging on the camera for the safety of his family.

Kessinger was in love with Chris and she was very much convinced that he was going to leave his wife. But she felt something very off when she heard the news about his family’s disappearance. She also learned that the kids and wife were missing and Chris’ wife was pregnant. This made her quite uncomfortable so, she phoned the police. An investigation against Chris started and finally, the real crime was found.

What did Nichol Kessinger do?

Chris had given interviews to Denver stations KMGH-TV and KUSA-TV so after the news of his family’s disappearance was on the news Nichol asked if he had something to do with it. Police interrogated her for hours which you can also watch on Youtube.

She told the police, “I kept asking him, ‘What did you do, Chris? What did you do? I asked, ‘Where’s your family? I was still in my head. I was stressed out, so I texted Chris one last time, and I told him, If you did anything bad, you’re going to ruin your life and you’re going to ruin my life. I promise you that. And he responded, ‘I didn’t hurt my family, Nicky.’ And that was the last text. I never said another word to him after that.”

Where is Chris Watts now?

Chris was fired from his job the day he was arrested on August 15, 2018, and on August 21, he was charged with first-degree murder on three counts, his wife, and children. He tried to get bail but was denied at first but later his bail was set at $5 million.

According to a former FBI profiler Candice DeLong, most of the time “family annihilators usually commit suicide after the murders” so cases like Watts’ are rare.

On November 19, Chris was sentenced to five life sentences without parole. On December 3, 2018, he was moved to another location and he was put in Dodge Correctional Institution on December 5, where he is now serving his sentence.

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  1. NK had googled Shanann so many times starting Sept 2017. Shanann had a public Facebook page that NK would’ve known SW was pregnant. I have a hard time believing she didn’t know SW was pregnant and separated from CW. NK cell phone pinged near CW house around 6 am the morning of murders. NK didn’t clock into work that morning either. Before she spoke to police she deleted messages from her me CW. The police need to investigate NK further. Somethings not adding up.

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