Who is Niall Matter’s Wife, Sara Matter?

Niall wife Sara Matter

Sara Matter has been in the spotlight for a long time now. She is the wife of Niall Matter who is a Canadian American Actor. Her husband got famous after playing the main role in a teenage drama titled The Best Years. Since then he has become a part of many other hit projects.

Niall is best known for his roles in the famous Zack Snyder movies such as Watchmen and Remedy. But this article is not about him. Today, we are taking a look at Sara Matter and her life so, let us start this off!

Sara Matter’s Introduction

Sara Matter is first off the wife of Niall Matter but as a professional, she is an entrepreneur. While we don’t really know about her date of birth, we do know that Sara was born in Canada. She has started her own business and makes a good living off it as well.

As we mentioned, She was raised in Canada but by whom and where in Canada? We have No idea. Sara’s real name is Sara Bradley though. She became Sara Matter when she married Niall. We don’t have any information about her parents and siblings though.

We know she is Canadian in terms of Narionality and she is white. Her husband, who is 40 at this time, is also from Canada. He was born in Edmonton in the state of Alberta. Niall is mixed in terms of race. He has both Irish and Russian genes.

Niall spent more than 8 years working on the oil rigs in his home state. In the beginning, Niall had no plans to go on a Career in the show business but he took drama class in school and that was when he started taking the whole Acting thing more seriously.

Anyway, moving on to Sara. As you can probably tell, not much is known about her life. So, let us take a moment and just move on to seeing the career and life of her husband for a while!

Who is her Husband Niall Matter?

Nial Matter is a pretty big deal in Hollywood. He is a high profile actor who was born and raised in canada. Niall actually grew up in a dairy farm that his parents owned. While his initial intention was not to go in the film sector, he quickly changed his file when he started acting in School and was really good at it.

Later, he went to the Vancouver Film School where he started his actual career. He had roles such as of Trent Hamilton on the movie The Best Years. After 12 months, the actor went on to play USAF airman Lieutenant Kemp on the TV show named Stargate Atlantis. This was his big break.

But Niall actually got popular when he acted on the famous Canadian Sci-Fi series Eureka. After that he did TV appearances and roles in shows such as Loch Ness Terror, Warehouse 13, 90210, Primeval: New World, and a lot others.

His American TV career has also been great. Niall has a total of 3 American TV appearances under his belt. They are Arctic Air, Motive, and Constantine. He also made a name for himself in the states when he did more than 12 projects in the Span of 2 years in 2017 and 2018/

His most notable roles during this time came in shows like The Good Doctor which is quite a big deal. Niall has also made appearances in many notable films during his time. His major big screen debut came when he landed a role in the comedy movie Dr. Dolittle which is quite a well known movie. In addition, he played the Surgeon Dr. Clay Castleberry in the movie Stop The Wedding. And after that, he played in films like Finding Father Christmas, When Calls the Heart, Love at First Dance and more.

Relationship of Sara and Niall

Sara and Niall have been married since 2016. They have exchanged their vows in July and they had a very low-key outdoor wedding which was held in Hawaii. The ceremony was pretty small and it was attended by family members and friends only. Niall went to Facebook to announce this news on Facebook.

Net Worth

Sara’s Business career is super good. She makes a lot of money with it. While her net worth is nothing huge, it is still in the millions. 1 million dollars to be exact but it is sure to increase in the future. Her husband also has quite a net worth. He has managed to get a net worth of more than 4 million dollars which is not too shabby!

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