Who Is Jordy Burrows? About Nathalie Kelley’s Ex-Husband

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Jordy Burrows is well known as the ex-husband of a famous Hollywood actress, namely Nathalie Kelley. Nathalie is well known for her role in the 2006 action movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and for her role in various television series. The two had started dating somewhere from early 2018 to the middle of 2020.

Even though their relationship only lasted for a short time, their relationship has provided enough writing material for the gossip outlets. Such as their initial secret dating, an engagement that happened the other way around, and theories insinuating their breakups to the point where it actually happened.

Do you want to learn more about Jordy Burrows and his relationship with Nathalie Kelly? If you are, you are in the right place as we will answer these questions along with his career, wife, and other interesting facts in this article.

Jordy Burrows is purportedly a DJ and hospitality consultant

Despite the fact that Jordy Burrows became famous after his relationship with the Fast and Furious; Tokyo Drift and Dynasty actress, there is little to no documentation in regards to Burrows’ history or even his profession. But he is purportedly a DJ and hospitality consultant. He is also a native of Berowra in Sydney, Australia, on the papers and his full name is Jordan “Jordy” Burrows.

Furthermore, the ex-husband of the Peruvian descent actress is a former student of Asquith Boys High School, Asquith, New South Wales. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked as a general manager for Ryan’s Hotels for nine years (2004-2013) after graduating from high school. Later, he became the manager of another restaurant called The Bucket List Bondi located at Bondi Beach in August 2013.

After four years, he once again became a manager as well as a licensee at Bondi Beach Public Bar. He is believed to be born in the year 1983 making him 39 at the present. Additionally, he holds Australian nationality and currently resides in Los Angeles. He has a pair of grey eyes and blonde hair.

How did Jordy Burrows and Nathalie Kelley meet each other?

It is revealed that Burrows and Kelly had got to meet each other through a mutual friend a few days before 2018’s New Year in Australia. At that time, Kelly was on a break from the filming of Dynasty’s first season.

Kelly had been living in America for the last 13 years. She has even described her ex-husband, Burrows as extremely funny, relaxed, easygoing, not possessive or jealous, insanely kind, and generous. Thus, this is how the couple met each other for the first time. Prior to her relationship with Jordy, she was openly dating her Vampire Diaries co-star Zach Roerig.

Are you interested to know who took the initiative to propose to their partner? Let’s discuss this in the next subheading.

Nathalie Kelly took the initiative to propose to Jordy Burrows

Jordy Burrows and Nathalie Kely had decided to walk down the aisle back in April 2018. But unfortunately, their relationship couldn’t last long as they decided to end their union by June 2020.

As you might already know that males are generally the ones to take the initiative in a relationship but the Hispanic actress is among the few to break the norm. That’s because she was the one who landed on her knee to go and asked her then-boyfriend, Jordy for the marriage.

The Lima-born actress opened up about her and Burrows’ big day and shared her story of how she proposed to her former beau some months after the wedding. She also gave an interview with the October edition of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. In the interview, she said, “He was everything I’d ever wanted in a partner.”

Recently, she was enjoying some off-time with Burrows after wrapping her role as Cristal Carrington on Dynasty. So, what made Nathalia break the trend? Let’s find out under the next subheading.

The ordeal driving to Mérida led Nathalia to propose

The Peruvian-born actress who grew up in Australia revealed after jointly visiting Tulum, Mexico, and Atlanta, that she felt as if she found “the one” and decided to ask him to marry her. At that time, the couple was enjoying a holiday in the difficult-to-get-to city of Mérida -the capital of Yucatán province. The city is full of colorful Mayan and colonial heritage and it is a four-hour drive west of Tulum.

Kelly proposed to Burrows a month after their vacation in Mexico. She said that she was filming in Atlanta at that time and she ended up proposing to him one night in their hotel. Interestingly, the two had been there for just three months at the time.

The Baker and The Beauty star confessed, “It was actually our ordeal driving to Mérida that led me to propose. I knew if he could put up with me tired and slightly hungover on a road trip, not to mention arguing with police about the toll, then he could be my husband.” She revealed that there was no planning and not even a ring.

The wedding ceremony was held over the waters

jordy burrows and natalie love life

The Vampire Diaries alum and her partner had planned their wedding for two months. In an interview, Kelly said that she and Jordy both wanted something low-key and nothing over-the-top. They married at The Island [floating beach club], Potts Point, Sydney as both of them wanted it to be in Australia.

Additionally, the couple had decided to spend their future together in Australia. Kelly’s mother did all the flower arrangements for the nuptials and her family from Peru likewise sent 200 maracas as a wedding gift. There were Samba dancer performances at the ceremony.

There were lots of guests including the bride’s friend, Jade Yarbrough, as well as Nathalie’s Dynasty co-star Rafael de la Fuente. The dance floor came alive with Love IS In The Air by John Paul Young and all the attendees received maracas.

Separation Rumors started to make headlines in early 2020

The separation rumors of  Kelly and Burrow had started to make headlines in early 2020. Well, fans speculated that something must have happened between the two as they noticed that they’d been absent from each other’s Instagram accounts for months. However, Jordy assured the fans that they were still very much together in April of the same year.

This is the statement that he published on his social media, “Nathalie and I are still married.” Additionally, he also said that he was in Australia for family reasons at that time and his then-wife had to stay in the USA for her work. He also explained each other’s absence from their respective Insta handles by saying they had made a decision to take their relationship off the photo-sharing app for their own privacy.

Nathalie Kelly confirmed her split from her husband Burrows

Even though Jordy himself confessed that the things were alright between him and his then-wife, the pair indeed was having a rift in between in reality. In August 2021, Jordy Burrows’ then-wife confirmed her split from her husband Burrows via sharing an Instagram post featuring herself with her now-boyfriend Andrès Alonso vacationing in Italy.

Additionally, she flaunted her romance with her new boyfriend Andrès Alonso in a series of photos from their holiday in Italy. She packed on the PDA with her long-haired beau as they posed against the Bay of Naples. Moreover, Kelly and Alonso had also appeared together on the red carpet of a UNICEF fundraiser from the sponsor, Luisa Via Roma, a fashion retailer. The two allegedly had been traveling together for at least six months before their gateway in Italy.

Alonso first appeared on Nathalie’s Instagram in January when she uploaded a picture where she posed for a poolside photo in Atlixco, central Mexico with Alonso. After the emergence of the reports stating Nathalie had quietly split from Jordan, all the imaging of Alonso had started to appear and Jordy reportedly moved to Byron Bay.

Jordy Burrows’ net worth

Jordy seems to keep his life private and we have no idea about his current profession as well so his net worth cannot be determined. He has even kept his Instagram profile private. Additionally, there are a significant lot fewer magazines that talk about Burrows’s wealth. But he seems to live quite a lavish and comfortable life at the moment. He has got over 14.6 k followers on his Instagram account.

On the other hand, his ex-wife has been active in the show biz industry for more than 15 years. But still, she hasn’t had that many breakouts or bankable on-screen gigs. She is yet to land her defining role even though she is a moderately busy actress in her own rights. Till now she hasn’t landed a role that could catapult her to the league of big takers of the entertainment world.

However, she is doing well in terms of finances as it is reported that her net worth is well over half a million dollars. Currently, she is enjoying her life with her new boyfriend Alonso. She might land a role that would catapult her to the league of big takers of the entertainment world but we might have to wait for a while.

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