Who is Anthony Bourdain Ex-Wife, Nancy Putkoski?

Anthony Bourdain
Date of Birth April 8, 1955
Ex-Husband Anthony Bourdain
Net Worth $1 Million

Nancy Putkoski got famous after she got married to the late Anthony Bourdain. Anthony was a TV personality on Food Network’s A Cook’s Tour.


Nancy was born in the year 1955, her birth month is April. She was born in Fort Lee in New Jersey.

As a teenager, Nancy attended the Dwight Englewood High School. She then moved to New York after graduating in 1974.

She then enrolled in Vassar College which is a private institution. Nancy got a degree in Liberal Arts and then she graduated in 1978.

Anthony and Nancy met while they were in the Dwight Englewood High School. They both went to the same college.

However, Anthony dropped out after two years of Studying and then he followed his passion of becoming a chef. The couple kept the relationship intact though and in 1985, they got married. They did not have any kids during their marriage.

Who was Anthony Bourdain?

Anthony Bourdain was born in NYC on July 25. He was born in the 50s and he was the eldest child. Anthony didn’t follow a particular religion but we was born into a Jewish family. He spent his childhood in Leonia, New Jersey.

As a child, Anthony loved the process of cooking. He was fascinated by it so, he kept working in Sea Food restaurants. In 1978, he completed his education from the Culinary Institute of America.

Bourdain later became an executive chef at the brasserie les hales restaurant in Manhattan. The Les Halles restaurant was later closed due to Bankruptcy in 2017.

Anthony also had a minor writing career. He started this in the 80s. His papers were published on magazines. Anthony wrote his first cook book in 2000 though. It was after he became famous. In 2005, he started a Travel Channel that was widely received in a positive way.

Anthony Bourdain and Nancy Divorce

Spending together for more than 20 years this couple finally did divorce in 2005. But before going for divorce this couple used to live separately and it was also heard that the main reason of this divorce is due to that Anthony used to go away from home and vanish for some long time without telling his wife.

This made their relationship to fade away although, this couple doesn’t have any kids.

Anthony Life After Divorce

After the divorce Nancy was vanished for some long time and it looks like she don’t wanna talk about her relation as well as about her married life at all. At the time of divorce her husband was frequently shown in a news which might also made more unnecessary attention towards her.

Anthony married another woman just after the two years later, he tied his knot with a mixed martial artist named Ottavia Busia and their wedding was took place in 2007 and by now he has a beautiful daughter whose name is Ariane.

But just like his former wife Nancy, Ottavia also find the life with Anthony is unmatched although this couple shares a kid but they separated in 2016.


Nancy is the former wife of the celebrity chef. Despite this fame, we don’t know what her career exactly is. She kept herself private. So, we can’t really know. Her social media feed is also pretty empty. So, we do not have an idea about her profession as of now.

The Death of Anthony Bourdain

By now Anthony is no longer with us and it was heard that after separation with Ottavia he was dating another lady named Asia Argento who is an actress and daughter of Italian film maker Dario Argento.

It was also heard that they met in Italy while Anthony was in Italy for some TV program works.

Sadly, in 2018 it was heard that Nancy Ex-husband Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in his hotel room located at France. And this was not his first attempt he also made many attempts to kill himself in 2005 and the reason was the divorce with Nancy.

Till now, exact reason has never been revealed.

How much is Nancy Net Worth?

Nancy has been living a low-key life. It is difficult to track her down and know the exact details of her life.

So, we do not have any idea about Nancy’s profession, salary and even her net worth. Maybe she is worth around $1 million dollars though. She might have inherited her former husband’s net worth if we have to take a guess.

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