Who is Social Media Star, Nailea Devora?

Nailea Devora

Nailea Devora is an American social media influencer and model. She used to upload various videos on her Instagram account and eventually people started noticing her and she got famous. After she started gaining popularity she started her YouTube channel and since she is gaining popularity for a short period of time fans want to know more about her.

When was Nailea born and where? Is she dating someone? If yes then who? What is her body size? What about her family? these are the few questions that her fans ask frequently and today in this piece of an article we will look into all these questions one by one and we will try to give you all the details we have on Nailea Devora.

Short Biography of Nailea Devora

Nailea was born on January 20, 2002, in El Paso, Texas, the United States to Mr. and Misses Devora. but as of now, she is living in Los Angeles, California, United States. On this year’s January 20 she turned 19 years old and since she was born on January 20 her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Her family follows Christianity.

She went to San Marino High School located in California and after she graduated from high school she joined the University of California, Los Angeles. She will be graduating from University soon.

According to the reports Nailea was always amazed by the celebrities, models, and wanted to become one and work in the entertainment industry. Now she has a huge fan base and is one of the most popular social media stars, her story inspires us to work hard for our dreams.

Is Nailea Dating Someone?


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If you are worried about her marriage then you should probably stop worrying as she is not married. There are rumors that Nailea is dating a fellow social media star or personalty, Larry. While some suggest that the two are currently in a relationship and dating, others suggest that the two of them are just besties.

The rumors started spreading as they are mostly together in their pictures and they also make videos for TikTok and Youtube together. She is known for her lipsync videos and also many adore her beauty.

She Tends to Keep Her Personal Life Private

If we see her social media accounts we don’t or rarely see any of her family in pictures and she has not shared much information about her relationships or family so it is safe to assume that she likes to keep her personal life private.

Physical Appearance of Nailea

Nailea is a beautiful girl and she also got a beautiful personality. Her exact height is unknown as few reports suggest she is 5 feet 6 inches while others suggest that she is 5 feet 2 inches. As for her weight, there are few sites that suggest that she weighs around 57 Kg. Nailea has gorgeous dark hair with a pair of beautiful black eyes.

She Has Been Troubled By Stalkers


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There is always a catch to something and when you become a famous and well-known personality you will certainly have stalkers. Nailea also has experience with stalkers and she even made a video titled “My Stalker Followed Me Across the Country” explaining how she was troubled by the stalkers.

She Does not Like Omegle

When Nailea was still a kid Omegle was really popular and she used to spend time on Omegle at that time with a few of her friends. There is a video titled “Omegle traumatized me 6 years ago now I’m back” where she explains why she does not like Omegle much and she had an uproarious experience on the site which she shares on the video.

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