All About Jordan Belfort’s Ex-Wife – Nadine Caridi (Biography, Net Worth)

Nadine Caridi
Date of Birth 1962
Profession Model
Ex-Husband Jordan Belfort
Net Worth $5 Million

Nadine Caridi is a model and a psychiatrist. She became famous for her 10 year long marriage with American stock market broker Jordan Belfort.

Belfort was well known for his scams and businesses. He had a pretty messed up lifestyle and indulged in Substance Abuse for most of the time.

Who is Nadine Caridi?

Nadine Caridi was born in 1962. She was raised in London, UK and she grew up in Bay Ridge, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. There is not much information about her parents and early life except that she attended the John Dewey High School located in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

She also completed her graduation from the same University. She went into the modelling career later and became an ambassador for a beer company in the 90s.

After that, he had a successful run as a model. He took many commercial campaigns and was frequently showcased in Monday Night Football Commercials as well.

Nadine also furthered her education and obtained a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Later, She obtained her PhD and now, she is officially a Doctor in Clinical Psychology.


As we discussed earlier, Nadine started her career as a model and soon had a brand deal with a beer company. It was the “Miller Lite” beer. At the same time, she was also featured in many campaigns but this did not bring her that much fame.

She became famous when she started dating Belfort. She used to introduce Belfort as his boyfriend and the pair when to some of the most lavish parties. The two met at a party hosted by Belfort’s friend.

The  pair dated for 2years before they got married. Belfort divorced his first wife to marry Nadine. The pair have two children together.

However, the two got separated again when Belfort started having issues with drugs. He also had extra marital affairs.

After divorcing Belfort, Nadine went on to marry John Maculso, a former businessman from New York. She now has a happy life with her husband and two children from Belfort.

What Is She Doing Today?

After her modelling career, She started working in the mental health care industry. She first served as a therapist intern in the Manhattan Beach Counselling community.

After this, she made her move into the Private Psychiatrist lane and now she has her own practice. She serves a private psychotherapist.  Nadineis working in Southern California  where she treats individuals and couples heal and create relationships.

The very talented lady Nadine was actually born in UK and she did her highschool at the John Dewey High School.

She also received her Doctor of Philosophy (P.H.D) degree in Somatic and Depth Psychology from Pacifia Graduate Institute.  Her post doctoral training was based on the The Neuro Affective Relational model.

What is her current Relationship Status?

After divorcing jordan, Nadine married John Macaulso. John is actually 22 years older than her wife. This came as a surprise but the two tied the knot in September 2001. She is currently happily married.

Nadine Caridi Net worth

Nadine Caridi makes a lot of money working as a therapist right now. She also received a healthy sum after her divorce with Belfort. This makes her current net worth be in the millions. $5 million to be exact!

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