Who is Nadia Farmiga? About Taissa Farmiga’s Sister

Nadia Farmiga

Nadia Farmiga is famous for being the sister of famous celebrity Taissa Farmiga. Nadia is now a successful entrepreneur and runs restaurants and she also worked as a mechanical engineer in past.

Today, we can see that Nadia and her husband Wilson Costa is running a business that provides catering and ordering service through the mobile app. These couples manage the business together and also their personal life.

We also know about Taissa Farmiga, she is a very famous actor working on many movies and some horror movies like The Nun. Let’s take a dive into Nadia Farmiga’s family background.

Who is Nadia Farmiga?

Date of Birth June 25, 1995
Profession Restaurant Business
Height 5.6 Inches
Weight 58 Kg
Sister Taissa Farmiga

Nadia Farmiga is the daughter of Lubomyra and Michael Farmiga. She was born in New Jersey, USA. Her father is also a landscaper. It looks like their family is very close and works together in many fields as well.

We don’t find she is active on social media and do regular posts. Her grandparents met on World Word II time at the camp. There is no nickname for Nadia Farmiga and everybody calls her Nadia.

Farmiga’s Siblings

Nadia is a member of six siblings where three sisters named Taissa, Vera, Laryssa, and the other three brothers. Sadly, one of her younger sisters is a birth defect and she needs help for every work from another person.

Vera Farmiga is a famous actor, director, and producer. She started her career on the Broadway production stage Taking Sides. Her first TV debut was from the Fox fantasy adventure series Roar.

Her first film debut was the thriller movie Return to Paradise (1998). She also won many awards for her best acting.

taissa farmiga
Nadia Farmiga is a sister of Taissa Farmiga

Taisaa Farmiga is another sister of Nadia Farmiga. She kicked her career from the film Higher Ground. Her sister Vera introduced her to the entertainment industry. Taisaa also worked with FX Series and now she is 26 years old.

Nadia Sisters Have a Great Career in Entertainment World

Her sister Vera is one of the famous actresses in Hollywood and she has also played her impressive role in the Fox Adventures series Roar at the time of 1997. After her impressive work on this series, she also got a chance to play in a movie called Return to Paradise (1998).

Her works were impressive but she was not so famous until she got a chance to play in a comedy-drama called Up in the Air and she was also nominated as the best supporting actress at that time from where her career begin to peak up.

If you look over her sister Taissa Farmiga, then you surely know about her if you had seen The Nun (2018), Mindscape (2013), and also more super roles in other movies.

How old is Nadia Farmiga?


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Nadia Farmiga was born in 1977, in New Jersey and now she is about 43 years old. Her parents are both from Ukraine.

Nadia Farmiga Height & Weight

She is about 5 ft 6 inches tall. And she weighs around 55 Kg. Nadia has a beautiful body with dark brown eyes and blonde hair. It seems like she also loves fitness.

Nadia Farmiga Children?

Nadia Farmiga and her husband is blessed with two sons. We can see their family photos frequently on Instagram. Here is her official Instagram account @n_misto_w.

Her sons are still a kid and reading school somewhere in the USA.

Her Marriage Life with Wilson Costa

Nadia and Wilson first met at Neuville-Sur-Seine, this is a French restaurant located in Long Island when both of them joined this hotel to pursue their career in the hotel business.

Till now this couple has been enjoying their life together and they love each other very much as well as support each other very much.

This couple stay in a relationship for some years before they did a marriage, and now it’s has been more than 10 years that this couple has been living and enjoying together.

Nadia Farmiga was a Former Mechanical Engineer

Before Nadia was in the foodie business she was involved as Mechanical Engineer and this is the subject she studied as well. She is not just a normal student in Engineering but she also has completed the whole course and is about to get a certificate.

But fate has another plan for her life, she turns from Engineer to Restaurant owner. Later marrying Wilson both of them moved to Kingston and work over there for more than 17 years with her husband.

Facts About Nadia Farmiga

  1. Nadia Farmiga is not so famous as her sister and her profile has not still listed on Wikipedia.
  2. Her parents are from Ukraine so, Nadia can understand and also speaks Ukrainian partially.
  3. Nadia got a nephew and their name is Fynn Hawkey and Gytta Lubov.
  4. Nadia Farmiga does not use social media so much, you cannot find her active posts on social media as well.

What is Nadia Farmiga Net Worth?


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There is no exact information about her income but it is believed that she has more than $1 million as of 2021. She makes a major lump of the sum from her restaurant business.

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