Who is MyKayla Skinner’s Husband, Jonas Harmer?

Jonas Harmer with Mykayla

Jonas Harmer came into the limelight when Olympics started after everybody started to search for MyKayla Skinner’s husband. Jonas is a YouTuber, cryptocurrency exchanger, and also sales manager in Vivint Smart Home.

In this article we will learn in detail about Jonas and also about his life, being the husband of famous athlete Jonas fame has risen quickly.

Who is Jonas Harmer?

Jonas is the husband of American Olympic Gymnast MyKayla Skinner and he was born on July 14, 1997, his birthplace is unknown but it is sure that he was born in the United States. As per the report, he spent most of his childhood in Utah.

His father’s name is David Harmer and he has three siblings, his mother’s name is Elayne Wells Harmer. Jonas’s grandfather is a former member of the California Senate, lieutenant governor of California and his name is late John L. Harmer.

His family background is strong and he came from a rich family including touch with politics as well. Jonas completed his education at Brigham Young University and his major subject was business where he studied for four years for graduation.

His Parents Are Attorneys

Jonas parent’s David and Elayne both are attorneys who have closed many cases, they also served as counsel for the U.S. Not just his father but Jonas’s mother was also a part of U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee Republicans.

In 2010, his father also ran for congress as a candidate in California’s 11th district but by now he is serving as president at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

Jonas Harmer and MyKayla Skinner Married Life


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Jonas is married to MyKayla Skinner who is also an Olympic gymnast representing the USA. The couple was together for a long time and they have been loving each other since their university days.

The couple got engaged after he proposed to her with the ring on the terrace of the building with down his knees and ring box in his finger. Supporting the proposal later Skinner uploaded a photo Harmer propose her and she wrote the caption YES A MILLION TIMES YES!💍.

When the couple got married both of them were at same age which is 22.

Harmer and Skinner first meeting

A couple meets for the first time at university in 2017 where both of them were unknown to each other and introduced by mutual friends. First, she was attracted to this guy and later they fell into love. Talking about Harmer she also said that she has never met any cute and handsome guy like him and she also added that the guy might be not interested to her because she was short compared to Harmer.

Love is blind and it doesn’t measure height this was the case that happened to them, eventually, both of them got attracted towards each other and started to date. Dating for 2 years finally they take their relation to next level.

MyKyala height is about 5ft 1in and her husband Harmer’s height is 6ft 7in, making a huge height gap between this couple. Skinner’s weight is about 110lbs while her husband’s weight is about 220lbs.

Jonas Harmer Wants to have a kids

Talking in Q&A session on their YouTube channel while they were taking on a random topic and started to talk about the baby then Harmer revealed that he wants to have two to three kids with her. But Skinner said she wants more than two to three kids with Jonas, where she said she loves to have four to five kids.

Anyway this was joke from them and talking in the video they said that they are not having a baby for some years or anytime soon. Being very young age their life has just began and they need to talk the step together.

His career life

Jonas’s family background is strong and his professional life is also strong. Jonas has been working at Vivint Smart Home as a sales manager, he has got the role of manager on this age. Before he work with this company he used to work at many companies already.

His professional career was started from August, 2014 when he used to work as an Assistant Manager for WOKLIN and left the just working only for a year. And from 2015 August he started to work at the Missionary at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

From 2017, he sarted to work as a Sales Representative at a Brio Energy, from this company he gained a lots of experience and skills which was very helpful to him for his future.

Later in 2018, his wife Skinner started a company where he also worked as a co-founder and the company name was Holiday Decorators of Salt Lake Dates.  Besides, this he is also into online or internet world where he worked as a YouTuber and crypto trader which has made his income grow.

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