Who Is Mitch McConnell’s daughter Elly McConnell?

elly mcconnell

Eleanor McConnell who is popular as Elly McConnell is known because of her father Mitch McConnell (Addison Mitchell McConnell III). Elly’s father is a retired attorney and currently, he is serving as Senate minority leader and the senior United States senator from Kentucky.

She is the oldest or first daughter of Mitch and she is an environmentalist however since Elly is not seen by the side of her father much, many people are more curious about Elly so this piece will look into Elly’s life, family, relationship status, and few more things about her.

Elly is a native of Louisville, Kentucky

Born in 1972, Elly says that she is a native of Louisville, KY. She holds an American nationality and she also has English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. As mentioned she is the oldest daughter of Mitch and she also has two sisters named Clarie and Porter McConnell.

Elly’s sister Clarie is a graduate of Smith College where she holds a bachelor’s degree in arts and painting. Her youngest sister Porter is an activist and the director of the “Take on Wall Street” campaign. Her campaign has various members and their main goal or motive is to oppose the “predatory economic power” of “banks and billionaires.”

Elly and her sisters were against their father

Back in April 2020, Mitch got into controversy because he supported Donald Trump. Many people made fun of him and criticized him for his decision. He even lost respect from his own people and few even called him Trump’s Frankenstein Monster.

He was criticized badly by Trump’s adversaries because most of them thought that Trump is a horrible, mad man, and people even called that he will endanger the country, and since Mitch was supporting Trump, naturally adversaries of Trump were going to jump on him as well.

However, not only the outsiders but Mitch’s own daughters were against his decision. Few online article sites even wrote that his daughters “hate him or at least hate his politics.” While all three of them refused to comment on the matter, Elly’s sister Porter slammed her father’s confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh in public by accusing Kavanaugh’s supporters of misogyny, and she also retweeted a post from one of the accusers of Kavanaugh.

Who is Elly McConnell’s mother?

Elly’s mother is Sherrill Redmon, first wife of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. Redmon is a highly educated woman as she holds a Ph.D. in American history. As per the reports, Redmon and Mitch started dating when they were in college, and they started they got married life in 1968. The couple stayed together for around 12 years and separated for an unknown reason.

Redmon started living in Massachusetts after their divorce and she also attended the Smith College archive of women’s history. During that time, she worked with Gloria Steinem on the Voices of Feminism oral history project.

As for Elly and her sisters, they were living with their father and step-mother Elaine Chao as Mitch had won all of their daughters’ custody.

Is Elly Married?

Although Elly has been keeping it private, however, we can be sure that she is married and she even has children. Elly’s father said that he is really proud of his daughters and their husband and Elly’s daughter Rowan. Mitch seems to love spending his time with his family as he explained that his family has been the reason and source of his joy.

While it is still not confirmed if Elly is married or not, however, we think that she is married or at least was married as we found her Twitter (no longer active), and looking at her cover picture, it looks like she has three children. Furthermore, she also has an Instagram account but she has kept it in private mode.

Elly’s father is a multi-millionaire

Elly’s father has created history as he has served as Senate for the longest amount of time in history. He has multiple houses in Kentucky, Washington, D.C., and Louisville. He also holds heavy stocks and currently, his annual salary is $193,400.

However, his wealth grew thanks to his wife Elaine, because after her mother’s death she obtained a small inheritance from her mother and Mitch also got huge donations or presents. Forbs reports that Elly’s father Mitch has an estimated net worth of $30 million.

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