Minoo Rahbar – All About Jackson Galaxy’s Wife (Net Worth, Bio)

Minoo Rahbar

Minoo Rahbar is an animal lover, adopter and activist. She came in limelight after marrying TV Show Host Jackson Galaxy.

Minoo and Jackson Galaxy are from same working categories, they both are animal lover, rescuer and adopter as well as activist. She has a great success in her career and working with many reputable non profits as well doing charities.


There is not so much information about her past. But many sources claim that she is not American born and she came from another nation.

However, her birthplace is still unknown and her family came to America when she was just 10.  Actually, her family escaped from their country because of political unstable and war.

Minoo finished her study from US Grant School which is based in Los Angeles. After finishing her study from this school she enrolled into University of California, Berkeley where she studied degree in Anthropology.

Her childhood was horrible due to country war, so she barely or doesn’t talk about it. So, this is the reason we don’t have any past information about her life and family.

She is also fluent in speaking Spanish and her face appearance looks like she is from Middle East or Asia. Minoo has also received Kitten Rescue’s Advocacy Award in 4th Annual Furball event in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood’s House of Blues.

Married Life with Jackson


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Minoo and Jackson met at kitten rescue benefit gala, after that they did short coffee meeting over there. From where they started to get close to each other. After some time they became a friend and started dating.

Minoo and Jackson tied their knot on June 24, 2014. They did a marriage on a private ceremony in Utah, USA.

Their pet dog Mooshka was the official ring bearer at their marriage ceremony. This is what die-hard animal lover will do.

Jackson said that he was not in intention of getting married but after meeting Minoo he describes “an incredibly grounding force”.

Since, then this couple has been living very good life with good relation with no any martial issue.

Helping Jackson Galaxy on his Business

Minoo helped Jackson Galaxy on his businesses a lot. She is manager of Jackson Galaxy Solutions which sells stuffs related to cats therapies and cat products.

It is good to see that the couple are doing business together and helping each other to build their fortune. Not only on Jackson Galaxy Solutions, she also co-runs the Jackson Galaxy Project which is a foundation for raising awareness.

Minoo and Jackson has 14 Pets

This couple has total of 14 pets which has three dogs, nine cats and two turtles. Now, they are also adopting vegan lifestyle in their life. What a great big family!!

This show that they love animal very much and ready to help any stray animals.

Minoo Rahbar Net Worth

Jackson Galaxy and Minoo Rahbar combined net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million. Where, Minoo makes her fortune from some animal related business she run.

Whereas, Jackson make money from “My Cat From Hell” and also by media appearances. He also run private cat consulting and from Galaxy projects.

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