Who is Mina Starsiak’s mother, Karen Laine?

Karen Laine
LOS ANGELES – FEBRUARY 2017: “Good Bones” stars Karen E. Laine and daughter Mina Starsaik pose for a portrait in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images)

Karen Laine is an American reality star famous for her roles in the series named Good Bones. She plays in this series with her daughter Mina Starsiak. The mother-daughter combo has been acting in the series for many years now. We all know who Mina is and we also have seen Karen on our TVs but we don’t know much about her, right? Don’t worry though! If you are a fan of Karen, stick to this article and you will get to know more about her. We are going to be discussing her family life, career, relationship, childhood, and more!

Karen Laine Education in Law

Karen was born on the 8th of October in 1962. She was born in Indiana and she is American in terms of Nationality. Her ethnicity is white (Caucasian). Her ancestors came to America from Northern Europe.

We don’t know much about her parents and siblings. Since she is a private person, much of that information remains hidden. We do know that she spent most of her childhood in Richmond and it was there where she finished her education.

Speaking of which, Karen has a degree in Law. After getting through high school, she went to the Indiana University of Law. She graduated by being a Specialist in JD (Juris Doctor) Law.  She had joined the University in 1988 and graduated in 1992. After finisher her education, she began her career as a Lawyer.

Karen’s career as a lawyer

Karen started her career in law back in 1990. The same year she joined the law firm named Cohen & Malad. Karen worked there till February of 1995. After leaving this firm, she then joined the Marion County Prosecutor’s office one month later. This job lasted 10 years for her,

In 2013, she joined the Jensen Law Back ( a law firm) as an attorney. Her total law career lasted for around 2 decades before she finally started a career in the entertainment industry.

Karen’s TV Career


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Karen Laine is most famous for her appearances and works in the HGTV show named Two Chicks and a Hammer. She started working in this show in 2014. The company that runs the show is High Noon Entertainment. The premise of the show is to go to poor neighborhoods and then rehab the houses there.

At first, the mother-daughter duo began rehabbing homes in 2007. Their first project was a house that Mina got after graduating from Indiana University. The pair of them tore down the house from the ground up and renovated it to the way they like it. And this is how they found their passion for it.

Their work paid off as they landed a TV deal and are now pretty famous for the show.

Karen Laine’s two marriages

Karen was first married to Casey Starsiak. While we don’t know the exact date of their marriage, we do know that they were close. Casey was an Orthopedic Surgeon from Indianapolis.

From this marriage, the couple had three children; William, CR, and of course, Mina. The couple was together for decades but things did not really work out between the two. So, they decided to call it quits. We also don’t know when their divorce got finalized. One thing we do know is that they got their divorce when their kids were just teenagers.

But despite the separation, the two remained quite amicable towards each other and took care of their children. The family still has a good relationship with each other.

What did Caren do after the divorce from Casey?


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After divorcing Casey, Laine got married to another guy named Randy. They even had a daughter together named Cheryl. But this marriage also turned out to be like the last one. It did not really work. So, they decided to split.

But two failed marriages did not stop Karen! She started to date Mick but after a while, the two split up. This relationship did not work as well.

Currently, She is married to a person named Roger Jensen. There is not a lot of information when they tied the knot though. Karen started sharing pictures with Roger back in 2017.

Karen also does not have any children with Roger. But the two have been raising Karen’s other kids from her prior relations.

Karen’s retirement from the Entertainment Industry

Karen’s Entertainment Career got to its end in 2019. She initially announced the sad news to the Good Bones fandom in the September of 2019. It was her daughter who first revealed this news to the press.

Mina also admitted that she and her mother now wants a private life and this is why they are not going to be carrying on with the show.  The fans were saddened by this news and the family was on its way with it but it abruptly had to end.

Anyway, the two are still living a really great life. They have made enough money from the show and live a lavish life. Karen is constantly seen sharing photos with her grandchildren as well.

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