Who is Australian Actress, Milly Alcock?

milly alcock

Milly Alcock is a very famous Australian actress on the rise. She has a total of 13 credits to her name now. She is known as one of the Prominent and Promising actors in the world. The latest projects of hers include Furlough and The Familiars. Let us take a look at her life and see what she is up to right now.

Milly Alcock’s early life and Childhood

Milly was born in the year 2000. She is an Australian actress. Her age is 20 years. Milly’s actual birthdate is not known and her sign is also not available. Not much information is there about this actress. Some of the online sites and fan pages have certain details but aside from that not much is actually known about her.

Raised in Australia

Alcock is born and raised in the country of Australia. Therefore, she is Australian. She also belongs to the white ethnicity and She is Christian in terms of Religion. Since she is Australian, most people think that she is rude but that is not the case. Milly is actually a very sweet person if you get to know her. She is beautiful as well.

Her charisma and attractive personality are what has made her so famous in the world. She also has a pair of green eyes. In terms of hair, she is blonde like most Australians.  Her figure is also model-like. This explains why she is a celebrity and has been indifferent shows as well as movies. Her body has curves and this is what every girl dreams of. Any other detail on her body is quite hard to find though.

In terms of Relationships, Milly is currently single. She has posted a lot of pictures of her male friends on her Instagram account though. Despite that though, we know that she does not have a boyfriend currently. Her male friends are just platonic friends! Perhaps Milly is currently invested in her career and that is the reason why she is quite single at the moment.  In the future, she might be in a relationship.

Milly Alcock’s Parents

Milly has a very supportive family. She has often said in interviews that her parents are there for her no matter what. In addition, she is the only child in her family so, she has all the support and cares that she needs from her parents.  Aside from this though, much information about her parents is not known. So much So, we don’t even have the full information about her parents as of now. Her parents are quite successful though. They are quite great in their career and businesses.



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Milly has been in the TV industry for a long time now. She has had seven years of experience as her debut came back in 2014 when she played in a TV show titled ‘Wonderland.’ Ever since this day, Milly has never really turned her back. She has become a quite prominent actress actually and had much name and fame during it as well. Milly never turned her back on her too.

Alcock is quite famous for movies such as Reckoning, Upright, and Furlough. Furlough is in post-production and the movie will release soon. As of now, Alcock has more than 13 credits to her name as of IMDB.

She also owns an Instagram account where she posts about her daily life and her modeling career. In addition to this, She has gained 6.4K fans on Instagram as of right now. This might not seem like a lot to us but for Australian social media, this is actually a very large number. So, In Australia at least, Milly is quite a famous personality.

What is the net worth of Milly Alcock?

Milly Alcock has been in the industry for a very long time and she has earned a significant amount of money from it. She has also gotten quite famous overall and has managed to earn more than a million dollars. In fact, her total net worth currently is around 3-4 million dollars.

Her astounding performances in different movies have made her quite a famous name in Australia. She is actually well known in the streets so, she has to actually move and there are many high-profile roles coming up for her. Milly has been selected to play in the upcoming Game of Thrones spin-off titled House of Dragon.

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