Where Mike Tyson’s Son Miguel Leon Tyson Now?

Miguel Leon Tyson

Whenever there is a discussion about boxing and boxing player the name Mike Tyson always pop up because he is one of the most popular and talented boxing players in the world. He is even nicknamed “Ironman” and “Kid Dynamite” however, obviously we are not here to talk about Mike.

In this article, we will be talking about Miguel Leo Tyson, one of Ironman’s sons. Clearly, most people around the world are familiar with Mike but they don’t know anything about his son Miguel. People did not really care about Miguel until Mike uploaded a video on Instagram where he was seen teaching boxing to his son.

As you may have already guessed, the video spread on the internet quickly and people started getting curious about Mike’s son Miguel. Is Miguel going to become a boxing player just like his dad? let’s find out.

Who is Miguel Leon Tyson?

As mentioned above, Miguel is the son of renowned boxing players Mike Tyson and his ex-girlfriend Sol Xochitl. Miguel was born on April 18, 2002, he is currently 20 years old and his zodiac sign is Aries. According to the reports, he is really interested in music and he can play various musical instruments like guitar, piano, and drums.

He is not the only child of his father. Other than him Mike and Sol had a daughter Exodus Tyson who was born in 2005. He also has other half-siblings from his father’s relationships and they are Rayna, Amir, Monica Turner, Milan, Morocco, and Mikey Lorna Tyson.

Tragic death of Miguel’s sister Exodus

Mike Tyson’s daughter and Miguel’s biological sister Exodus were born in 2005 but sadly she died when she was four years old. Sources have stated that she was playing on the treadmill and there was a cord hanging under the console. Accidently and unknowingly Exodus choked herself with the cord and Miguel was the one who discovered this horrible accident.

She was immediately taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center but she could not be saved. It really broke the heart of her family.

Is Miguel going to be a boxing player?

Many fans have asked if Miguel is going to follow his dad and become a boxing player, however, it is unlikely but still, if he decides to become one then surely we will get to know that. As mentioned there is no telling if Miguel will become a boxing player or not but he does practice boxing.

On January

The video spread on the internet in no time and fans were getting curious if Miguel was getting into boxing. Many also said he looks like young Mike. However, Mike made it clear that his son is not trying to box but he is just trying to stay fit.

However, Miguel’s brother Amir wants to enter boxing really badly, said their father Mike on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. He revealed that his oldest son wants to enter boxing and fight YouTuber Logan Paul. Mike also said that he does not want his kids to enter boxing but he wants them to “take advantage of their  lightweight wealthiness.” He said that he wants his son to become a real estate agent than fight Logan Paul.

Mike further opened up and told that he warned his son, “You don’t want none of that heat. I’m telling you. This drives people to commit suicide, getting humiliated in front of millions of people. You gotta be able to take that pressure and heat. Not many people can do it.”

Does Miguel have a girlfriend?

Unlike his brother Amir, Miguel seems to like a private life away from all the media so he has not shared any of his personal information. This means we don’t know if he has a girlfriend or not but he is 20 years old so who knows maybe he has a lovely girlfriend who he wants to keep a secret.

Furthermore, his father is a multi-millionaire who has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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