Who is Mike Modano’s wife, Allison Micheletti?

Allison Micheletti

Mike Modano is one of the famous American former professional ice hockey player and he has played from Minnesota North Stars. Also, his wife Allison Micheletti is a well known name in Golf world and she was also listed as a celebrity golf first in this year.

Besides being a golfer she is has also played on the show Big Break Atlantis, Allison was in love with golf from her very early age. In this article we will look into her life in detail.

Who is Mike Modano’s Second Wife?


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Mike Modano’s second wife and current wide is Allison Micheletti, this couple tied their knot in 2013 before that Mike was married to another woman who was also a singer and actor her name was Willa Ford.

Allison was born in St. Louis, Missouri and by now she is living somewhere in Arizona. Micheletti completed her education from Furman University / Arizona State University.

Mike relation with his first wife started in 2007 and they did divorce in 2012 so, they only live 7 years together and later he got married to Allison.

Mike Modano full name is Michael Thomas Modano Jr. and he completed his education from Benjamin Franklin High School.

Till now Mike has married only two woman in his life former wife was singer and by now his current wife is golf player.

Allison Micheletti and Mike’s Age Gap

Allison is very younger than her husband Mike Modano. When Mike was drafted in the world of NHL, Allison was born just one year.

By now Allison might be around 32 years old whereas, her husband Mike was born in 1970 making him 51 years old currently so there is about 19 years gap between this couple.

Allison dad is Hockey Player

Allison’s dad Joe Micheletti is also one of the famous American NHL player who was retired from New York Rangers broadcaster. Her father retired in 1982 and his son-in-law began career in 1986.

Her father and her husband age gap is just about 15 years only. Joe played from many teams the Calgary Cowboys and Edmonton Oilers between 1977 and 1979 and in 1979 to 1982 he played from St. Louis Blues and Colorado Rockies.

Joe is very famous hockey player on his career time and he also made great name on Hockey world, being born in Hockey family Allison choose to make her career on golf.

Basketball was her first love

Before pursuing her dream on Golf she was basketball lover and she loves it more than any other sports as well. Taking with her she also said that her dream was to became a basketball player and she also did her best to make this dream get real.

She started to play basketball from her early age but when she was 16 years old she suffered from injury, her ACL located in left knee was tore. Which made her basketball career end and her dream to be only dream.

But still she tried her best to play basketball sadly, her injury was very critical and she decided that she is not made for basketball and started to pursue her other dreams and she became a professional golf player.

She has also explained many times that sports is very easy and fun for her but when she started to play golf she finds out that this sport was far from other types of sport and for her it looks easy to play but it is way harder and on another level to play.

Allison spend a lots of her time on golf course to figure it out and to master on it, she also said many times that she loves practice and addicted to it as well.

Micheletti said, “The challenge, the feeling that all the responsibility lies with the player, all these are things I love about the game.” and she also added, “If something goes wrong on the course, there is no one else to blame but yourself.  It’s made me a better person.”

Allison and Mike is now blessed by two kids one son and another daughter. Her son name is Jack and he was born in 2014 where her daughter name is Kate and she was born in 2018.


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She’s a Dog Lover

allison loves dog

We all are dog person and we love animals very much as well, and this is same case for Allison as well she loves dog very much and by now they have two precious pups, Sunny and Bear.

Due to love with dog she has also worked with DFW Rescue Me, this a volunteer nonprofit organization in Dallas. She has been actively involved on many volunteer activities.

Allison Micheletti turned professional

In 2011, Allison started to pursue her career on golf as professional player and she also played in Cactus Tour and Women’s Canadian Tour and she also got success on it. Since than she has found a lots of success on it and she constantly doing her best on many challenges.

When she find out that she has no any career or future left on basketball she did not give up instead she started to find or make interest on other field like golf and she has also explained that many times when she thought that her life is over because her ankle is break and the sports where is wants to pursue her dream was collapsed.

Anyway Mike Modano’s wife find a great way to make her future more bright in golf.

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