Who is Mick Jagger’s Daughter, Karis Jagger?

Karis Jagger

If you love music, you know who Mick Jagger is. He is probably one of the greatest artists of all time. But today, it is not about Mick Jagger. We are talking about Mick Jagger daughter Karis Jagger today! But our young audience might not even recognize Mick Jagger, right? Well, Mick Jagger is extremely popular as the main vocalist and as the founding member of the greatest English Rock Band in the world, The Rolling Stones.

While Karis is the daughter of Jagger, Jagger always seemed to discard this fact. As he has got many daughters and sons. Karis has 7 half-siblings altogether from her father’s various hook ups and relationships.

Anyway, What does Karis do currently? Is she married? Who was her mother? What is her net worth? Well, today we will be answering all these questions so, let us get started!

Born: November 4, 1970

Birth Place: London, United Kingdom

Spouse: Jonathan M. Watson (m. 2000)

Children: Jade Jagger, James Jagger, Georgia May Jagger, Gabriel Jagger

Siblings: Elizabeth Jagger, James Jagger, Jade Jagger, Gabriel Jagger, Georgia May Jagger, Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger

Parents: Mick Jagger, Marsha Hunt

Movies: One Night Stand

What does Mick Jagger’s daughter Karis Jagger do?

Right now, Karis works as a volunteer teacher. Previously, She was involved in the entertainment world and she even worked on a few on-screen projects for a small amount of time. Besides being a teacher, this star kid is also a very passionate philanthropist. She has worked for many charitable organizations. Her father was also a humanitarian during his time and he used to support many organizations like UNHCR, American Foundation for AIDS and more.

All about Karis Jagger’s Mother? And her parent’s Relationship

mick jagger with karis

Karis Jagger’s mother is Marsh Hunt. She was an actress, singer and a model. Marsh was a native from Philadelphia and she had started to work in the entertainment industry after she moved to London. She also appeared as an extra in a movie called Blow Up in the year 1966. This was the time when Jagger practiced how to sing for like two years and she even got famous after her appearance as “Dionne” is a rock musical movie named Hair. A year from that, Marsh and Mick started dating. After 10 months of dating, Marsh and Mick split and at this time, Marsh was pregnant with their first child.

Relation with her Father Mick Jagger

Marsh Hunt demanded an affiliation order against Mick Jagger in the court when Karis was two years of age. But this was later settled outside the court. Mick offered to pay $17 a week as Child Support for Kasir until she turned 21 and even set up a Trust fund for his daughter.

Despite this, Jagger had not accepted Karis as his daughter in public. So, in 1978 Marsh filed a law suit and wanted Mick to acknowledge her daughter and she asked for $580 a week as child support. After a year, Hunt was interviewed and in it, she said that Mick only wanted to be with his daughter when she reached 21 and he neglects his responsibilities.

But now, Karis enjoys a good enough relationship with her father. Mick was in a relationship with a fashion designer who committed suicide after 13 years of their relationship. This was a bad time for Mick and it was his daughter Karis who helped her dad cope with this tragedy. Mick also spent his time with in his daughter’s house in Los Angeles.

Age Education and Siblings of Karis Jagger

mick jagger with his family

As of Today, Karis Jagger is 50 years old. She was born in 1970 in London, England. She is a British and she belongs to a mixed ethnicity. Karis went to a really big British boarding school called Bedale. She also went to Yale University and got out of the school with a degree in Modern History. As we mentioned, Karis has 7 half-siblings. They are Jade, Elizabeth, James, Georgia, Gabriel, Lucas Maurice Morad, and Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger. Her last brother was born in 2016 and he is younger than Mick’s great grandchild. Crazy, right?

Who is Karis Jagger’s Husband?

Karis is 50 so, she is already married. In fact, she has been married to a producer Jonathan M. Watson for a really long time now. The two got married in the year 2000 in a private wedding ceremony which was attended by her father Mick. Both are quite happy to be in this marriage but they have kept the information about this marriage out of media spotlight. They also have two children. Their daughter’s name is Mazie and the son is Zak. Mick Jagger gave them their blessings and he was even present at the time of Karis’ son’s birth. People spotted Mick Jagger with his daughter and grandchildren in California back in 2015.

Karis Jagger’s Net Worth

Karis has a modest fortune of around $200,000 from her work as a volunteer teacher and her past in the entertainment industry. This is not a lot of money but she lives happily and she has the backing of her dad too. Her dad Mick Jagger is extremely rich. He has a net worth of around $360 million. His got his huge amount of worth from his long music career.

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