Where Is Nichole Beattie Now? About Michael Rapaport Ex-Wife

Nichole Beattie with Michael

Nichole Beattie has a long history in the world of filming and TV shows, she has been in this business for a long time. But she was not so famous name in the world of Hollywood until the mid-2000s because after that time her fame and name both start to shine up.

.Her career boomed when she worked in the famous TV show named Sons of Anarchy, where she worked as a story writer for the episodes. The show was a massive hit since then she began to work on many other major TV shows and movies like The Walking Dead, Law and Order: Organized Crime, For All Mankind, Rubicon, and Prime Suspect.

She has not just worked as a writer but has many opportunities to show her skill in other positions like a producer, co-producer, and supervising producer.

Raising from low level to top-level, she has done a lot of struggles in her life and has gone too far but her love and personal life are not so awesome as her career. In this article, we will discuss in detail her personal life and everything about her love life too.

Nichole is not just famous for being a writer and producer but she is even more famous for being Hollywood’s best director Michael Rapaport’s ex-wife. Her husband has worked in many top movies like Higher Learning, Metro, Cop Land, Deep Blue Sea, Dr. Dolittle 2, and The Heat.

Nichole Beattie was born in Minnesota

Nichole Beattie was born on November 19, 1976, and her birthplace is Minnesota, she was raised by her parents David and Melody Beattie. Her father was a counselor and her mother was a writer who has already published more than 15 books.

When Nichole and her brother Shane were young their parents, divorced since then they left their father and stayed with their mother.

Following the divorce, their father David got addicted to drinking habit, he used to drink from early morning to late night every day for some years but sadly, he got passed away due to the consequences of this bad habit.

The sad story doesn’t end here she not just lost her father but she also lost her brother when he suddenly died in an incident. Shane Passed away after a Skiing accident in the Afton Alps ski area in 1991.

With lots of ups and downs in her family life, she did not give up and even completed her high school from Stillwater Area High School and later, enrolled in the university. But Nichole was not into education and she drop out the college to continue her writing career.

Beattie came from a poor family

Nichole Beattie

Nichole Beattie’s life was not so easy because she came from a poor family and was raised by a single mom. They used to struggle to fill their tammy even after working day and night.

She has even shared her experience of being on welfare and this is all because of Beattie’s family’s economic condition. She recalls her time getting free launch and also getting free Christmas gifts from K-mart in her young days.

Beattie’s mother did a lot of struggle in her life to provide her children better life, she started a crime writing job at Stillwater Gazette. Seeing Melody’s interest and job Nichole also developed a writing skill from her very early days.

Nichole mother was getting huge success in the world of writing because her book “Co-Dependent No More,” was sold more than 3.5 million copies making millionaire.

This book changed their life completely, they were a millionaire and there were no free gifts from K-Mart, and no need to get support from Welfare. They even bought a five-bedroom house in Bayport.

Nichole brother died at the age of 14

Nichole’s family was enjoying Melody’s success and their life was getting much better and better every time but life had another plan for them because Nichole’s brother died at the age of 14.

When he left home to do skiing in Afton Alps, he collided with another skier, sounds minor but it changed their life completely. Nichole’s brother suffered brain and skull injuries and he died later, this was really sad news for the Beattie family because there were lots of ups and downs in their life but still, they managed to uplift their life somehow.

Father loss, poverty, and finally loss of their brother made Nichole heart-broke from inner and she started to walk on the dark path taking drugs and believing in alcohol to reduce her pain. We can’t feel how hard Nichole was suffering and fighting her battle inside.

How did Nichole’s Career start?

Nichole began her career in 2005 when she landed her first job in the film industry was of an essayist.

In addition, Nichole has also been involved in the Season One of His Visit. She was a staff author in 2008 and then began working as an essayist for the scenes of many TV shows.

After that, her screenplays have been shown in shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Rubicon. Her career touched the sky when she was mainly famous for working in The Walking Dead. She wrote the major portion of this show’s story and because of this writing, she was nominated for the QFTA TV Awards once.

For all this working inspiration she has been thanking her brother more than anyone else.

“I was in so much pain it was the only thing I could do. If I didn’t write, I was going to kill myself,”

Nichole was a brilliant lady despite being ungraduated and a dropout of college raised as a poor child but she landed her first big job at the age of 20 as an editor at Interview Magazine.

Seven Years Of Marital Relationship

Nichole’s ex-spouse, Michael Rapaport, and their two sons

Nichole was initially married to Michael Rapaport. The pair got married in 2000 and they stayed together for 7 years. The ex-couple shares two sons Julian and Maceo.

The couple has never shared anything in public about their relationship so, there is not so much information available about their love life. Anyway, their marriage life did not last for long and they only lived together for 7 years.

In their early love life days, the couple used to be seen together on many programs and functions, at the time this couple was known as the perfect couple only made for each other but sadly, time flipped everything.

Nichole filed for divorce from her husband in 2007 and the writer took custody of the two kids she also got spousal support. After the divorce, Nichole has been living a single life. She has a fulfilling profession and her aim is to produce and write more shows in the future.

Now, it has been heard that Nichole is enjoying the cool and single life, as per co-workers they have not noticed her dating any other male than Michael.

Michael was even charged with harassment and he was arrested on May 18, 1997, for harassing his former girlfriend Lily Taylor. Michael was found guilty of the charges and Justice Arlene Goldberg issued a protection order to keep him away from his girlfriend and he was also ordered to go to counseling sessions.

Anyway, her ex-husband Michael is now a married man and he got married to Kebe Dunn.

What Is Nichole Beattie’s Net Worth

Through her work as a writer and a producer, Nichole has managed to earn around $12 million. She has a summer vacation home in Stillwater, Minnesota but she lives in her hometown of Minneapolis.

In addition to her personal earnings, Nichole also gets support from her husband and she also received a decent amount in Divorce Settlement. Clearly, Money is not an issue for Nichole. She has more than enough to live a really comfortable life overall.

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