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Who is Michael Rapaport’s Wife, Nichole Beattie?



Nichole Beattie with Michael
Date of Birth 1976
Profession Essayist
Husband Michael Rapaport
Net Worth $2 Million

Nicole Beattie is a producer and a screenplay writer. She is well known for her work in the hit TV show The Walking Dead. So, if you are a fan of the show and want to know about one of the person who wrote the story, do give this article a read!

Who is Nichole?

Nicole Beattie was born in 1976. Her birth place is Minneapolis and is a girl from Minnesota. She was raised by her parents David and Melody Beattie.

Her parents, though, divorced when she was young so, she mainly stayed with her mother. She also had a brother named Shane.

Since her father was an Alcoholic, he passed away soon.

Nicole went to Arizona State University but she quit after her brother suddenly passed. Shane Passed away after a Skiing accident in the Afton Alps ski area in 1991.

Nicole is currently divorced. She does have two children though.

How did Nicole’s Career start?

Nichole Beattie

Nicole began her career in 2005. Her first job in the film industry was that of an essayist. She worked on the show named John from Cincinnati.

In addition, Nicole has also been involved in the Season One of His Visit. She was a staff author in 2008 and then began working as an essayist for the scenes of many TV shows.

After that, her screenplays have been showed in shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Rubicon. In addition, Nicole also was the co producer for the hit show Prime Suspect for Season 1.

But, she is mainly famous for working in The Walking Dead. She wrote the major portion of this show’s story. Because of this writing, she was nominated for the QFTA TV Awards once.

What is Nicole Beattie’s Relationship Status?

Nicole was initially married to Michael Rapaport. The pair got married in 2000 and they stayed together for 15 years. She had two sons with Michael Julian and Maceo.

Her relationship with the kids is very healthy and she posts a lot about them on her Instagram. She has a healthy bond with them.

Nicole filed for divorce with her husband in 2007. The reason was the differences that the two had. This could mean a number of things though. Anyway, the writer took the custody of the two kids and she also got spousal support.

After the divorce, Nicole has been living a single life. She has a fulfilling profession and her aim is to produce and write more shows in the future.

Nicole’s Former Husband Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport is a well-known American actor and comedian and according to the reports he has worked in more than sixty movies since the 1990s, he has also played in many popular American television sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Atypical, Justified, Prison Break, and Boston Public.

His Early Life

Michael was born on March 20, 1970, in New York City, United States, his father David Rapaport was a radio executive and the general manager of WKTU Disco 92’s All-Disco format, and his mother June Brody was a New York radio personality.

Micheal grew up with his brother Eric Rapaport and older half-sister Claudia Lonow (née Rapaport) in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Micheal has a mixed background of Poland and Russia. His parents decided to get divorced few years after he was born and separated. After their divorce, his mother June Brody married a film producer Mark Lonow.

He went to Erasmus Hall High School but he had a very tough time at school and was expelled from school around the 1980s. He then went to join Martin Luther King High School in New York City and graduated from there. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles and tried to be a stand-up comedian with the help of his stepfather Mark Lonow who owned The Improv with Budd Friedman. He did stand-up comedy for around three years.

His Career

In 1988 he starred in an American dramatic television series called “China Beach.” After he was seen in several other television series and back in 2008 he announced that he will be directing a documentary about hip hop act A Tribe Called Quest, his film Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest was then released in the year 2011 and it was a great success as there were many positive reviews and was even nominated in Grammy awards. Later in 2014, on April 17, series of documentary 30 for 30 a film he directed was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Harassment Charges Against Him

Michael was even charged with harassment. He was arrested on May 18, 1997, for harassing his former girlfriend Lily Taylor, he was then found guilty to the charges and Justice Arlene Goldberg issued a protection order to keep him away from his girlfriend and he was also ordered to go to counseling sessions.

His Net Worth

As mentioned above he has worked in several famous American television shows and has also made an appearance in few films not to mention he also has directed few movies and after knowing about his career and analyzing we have come to a conclusion that Micheal’s net worth is $12 million estimated.

Through her work as a writer and a producer, Nicole has managed to earn around $12 million. She has a summer vacation home in Stillwater, Minnesota but she lives in her home town of Minneapolis.

In addition to her personal earnings, Nicole also get supports from her husband and she also received a decent amount in Divorce Settlement.

Clearly, Money is not an issue for Nicole. She has more than enough to live a really comfortable life overall.

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