Who Is Michael Rapaport’s Wife, Kebe Dunn?

Kebe Dunn and Michael Rapaport

You must have heard of the name Michael Rapaport. He is a famous actor and comedian who is known for his roles in films such as Deep Blue Sea, The 6th Day, Dr. Dolittle, Big Fan, Higher Learning, Cop Land, and The Heat.

Furthermore, he has also appeared in multiple television series such as The War at Home, Atypical, Friends, My Name is Ear!, Justified, and some more. However, he is quite famous not much is known about his wife, namely Kebe Dunn. The actor who has made over 100 appearances in films and television is married to Kebe Dunn since the mid-2010s.

Their relationship is somewhat like a romedy Esque story; the couple reigniting their affections for one another after over 10 years. If you are interested to know about their relationship and Kebe Dunn then you are in the right place. You will know how they found the opportunity to adore each other and know more about Kebe’s life. Let’s get started.

Kebe Dunn is in her early fifties

Kebe Dunn was born on 10th November 1970. She is currently 51 years old and will be celebrating her 52nd birthday in Nov 2022. Talking about aging, she wrote on her Instagram, ” Another year up and although I am under the weather my spirit is filled with joy. Now into my fifties, I am can say that I am just beginning to honor what I most value.”

Additionally, she wrote that despite her age, she is constantly facing lessons and she was grateful for a full heart. Talking about her family, Kebe is the daughter of Michelle D Lee who is a fine artist/painter. Whereas she rarely misses discussing her affection for her craftsman mother. However, she hasn’t revealed much about her father and she wished for more peace as well as the ability to understand collective humanity and compassion.

Current relationship status

Kebe Dunn with michael

As per Kebe’s Instagram, Kebe started dating Michael Rapaport back in August 1993. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well between them and they broke up in between. However, they patched things up and ended up together in the late 2000s and since then they have been together for decades.

Surprisingly, they have been in a marital relationship for only a couple of years. That’s because the Atypical alumn and Dumm split for some years after they began their relationship in the ’90s. After that, Rapaport went on to date several other women one of whom he made his wife and also had two sons with, namely Julian Ali and Maceo Shane.

Many didn’t believe Kebe dating Michael

After the media and the outsider found out about Dunn and Rapaport’s relationship, they couldn’t believe that they were really dating as they were shocked mostly because of Rapport’s role in the particular movie of that time.

Apparently, he had portrayed the role of a racist character, Remy, in the 1995 film titled “Higher Learning”. Most of his other partners had been white as well. However, people may not have found it that surprising in knowing that he had been dating a black woman.

Their marital relationship could last forever

Rapaport and Dunn decided to walk down the aisle back in 2016. It looks like their second-time affection for each other will be lasting longer. Apparently, they have been on plain sailing since the late 2000s.

Rapaport did an interview with Kenya Moore of WWHL after rebranding himself as a podcaster and a sports pundit. In that interview, he said, “the second time around (with Kebe) was the best time around.”

At the present, it looks like their relationship is getting even stronger despite failing their relationship way back in the time without anybody’s knowledge.

Nichole Beattie with Michael

Michael’s past relationship

Rapaport got married to Nichole Beattie before getting together with the daughter of a modern art painter. The pair got married in 2000 and they stayed together for 15 years. She had two sons whose names are  Julian Ali and Maceo Shane.

Nichole is a renowned producer and screenwriter best known for her notable projects such as The Walking DeadBeyondFor All Mankind, and Law and Order. Unfortunately, their relationship couldn’t last long because Nichole filed for divorce in 2007. The reason behind their divorce was irreconcilable differences. Nichole took custody of her two sons and she also got spousal support.

Nichole hasn’t been into any relationship after the divorce. She has a fulfilling profession and her aim is to produce and write more shows in the future. On the other hand, Rapaport has moved on and got together with Dunn.

What is Kebe up to these days?

At the moment, it’s unclear what she does in the present for a living. According to IMDB, she has a few or two acting credits from the past and that’s all.

Talking about her career, she made her screen debut as a nurse in the rom-com movie titled “Love for Rent” in 2005. After that, she portrayed the role of a Shoe Saleswoman in the short-lived series titled “In Session with Jonathan Pessin” in 2012.

In 2020, she took part in a comedic reality competition television series along with her husband called Tournaments of Laughs.

How much does Kebe Dunn earn? (Her net worth)

Kebe Dunn’s exact net worth has been revealed yet but it is alleged to be approximately $500 k. Whereas, her husband Michael report is evidently a millionaire as he has a net worth resting somewhere around $12 million. So, Kebe must be earning quite a lot as well.

Moreover, Kebe hasn’t really opened up about her lifestyle and her walk of life much less the amount she pulls in monetarily. The Ashkenazi Jewish and the descent of Polish and Russian family, Michael, has revealed that his present spouse loves to spend on luxurious things. He once said that his wife is a devoted shopper who often loves to buy herself a number of bags and garments.

It’s very clear that the couple has been carrying on with a seriously well-off life since the start of their marriage or even before as they have been caught quite often at the ultra-expensive stores by paparazzi. However, Michael is grateful to his wife because she helped him improve his fashion choices and dress more his age. In the past, they even made headlines for trading properties worth millions of dollars.

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