Who is Diandra Luker? About Michael Douglas’ Ex-wife

Diandra Luker

You must have heard about America’s well-known actor and producer Michael Douglas. He was married to a girl named Diandra Luker when she was just 19 years old. Since then they were together for almost a decade before parting their ways in 1995 following Douglas’s affair. Douglas granted her everything she asked for in order to set her free and marry his new partner.

It was revealed that Luker received around $45 million following her divorce settlement as per the sources. After that, she was termed greedy by Douglases fans. However, she didn’t remain silent as she counterattacked the controversies by saying that she took only what she owed him.

Together, they had a son named Cameron who later became involved in drug trafficking. However, Douglas’s first love wasn’t Diandra Luker as he was romantically involved with American actress Brenda Vaccaro prior to his relationship with Diandra. Douglas had been in a relationship with Vaccaro for almost 6 years before breaking up.

After he broke up with Vaccaro, he met Luker and he proposed to her within two weeks of the meeting. Later he was involved romantically with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones during the 10 years of his marriage. This was the main reason for his divorce from his wife Diandra Luker.

Douglas got engaged to Catherine on 31 December 1999 and was married at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on 18 November 2000 after his divorce was finalized. A few years back, they were rumored to have separated but they haven’t taken any legal actions yet.

Diandra Luker and Michael Douglas

Diandra Luker is the daughter of an Australian diplomat

Diandra Luker was born on 30th November 1955 and her full name is Diandra de Morrell Luker. She is the daughter of an Australian diplomat and she spent most of her childhood days on a tiny island in Majorca. Her father was an ambassador and she is an American film producer and erose to controversy following her divorce from Douglas. Thus, she is well-known as the ex-wife of Michael Douglas.

In order to let her complete her middle school, her father sent her to a boarding school. She also used to study in Switzerland before completing schooling in the United States. Diandra had met her ex-husband Douglas when she was just 19 years old whereas her ex-husband was 32 years old. The two dated for almost two weeks before Douglas proposed to her for marriage.


The couple had decided to walk down the aisle back in March 1977 and they lived a happy married life for almost a decade. They had even welcomed a son named Cameron in 1978. But things took a sharp turn when Douglas fell in love with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Thus they decided to get divorced and Diandra was provided with $45 million along with properties as a divorce settlement. As a result, she became controversial and was termed greedy by Douglas’s fans. As mentioned earlier, she didn’t remain silent and claimed that she took only what she owed her ex-husband.

Douglas gave away all the things his ex-wife wanted in order to marry Catherine Zeta-Jones. Talking about Diandra’s children, besides Cameron, she also became a surrogate mother of twins from her fiance Zach Hampton Bacon III. Furthermore, she also adopted her fourth child Imira whom she adopted from Kazakhstan.

Diandra was studying at Georgetown University Edmund A Walsh School of Foreign Service but she stopped continuing her studies after her marriage. After that, she was involved in charity work with the Red Cross which gave her the role of Board for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Diandra also became the producer of the American Master Series and was signed to Ford Models.

How much does she earn? (Her net worth)

It is estimated that Diandra Luker’s net worth is around $50 million among which $45 million is what she received as a divorce settlement from her ex-husband. She earns quite a hefty sum of money as she is the producer of American Masters in 1991 and a PBS documentary titled ‘Beatrice Woods: Mama of Dada’. Furthermore, she also produced the TV miniseries ‘America Music’: The Roots of Country in 1996.

Additionally, she also played an executive producer for Broken Lines 2008 films. Thus she must be living quite a lavish and comfortable life because she is super-rich. She is also available on social media and got thousands of followers.

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