Who is Michael Dadich and What Happened To Him?

If you spend your time on Netflix, you might know this little film named Aftermath. It is a new Netflix horror film produced by the famous Peter Winther. Peter has dedicated this film to his late friend Michael Dadich. Michael has done his contribution to the film as the main characters are even based on Michael Dadich. So much so that they even share the name Dadich!

The movie is based on the couple Kevin and Natalie Dadich who move into a very luxurious house which they got for a bargain after a murder-suicide took place in the house. The pair’s lives improved and the happiness soon turned into fear as the house was haunted and many things started to happen there.

Michael Dadich’s Death

Michael was 51 years old when he passed away while he was sleeping in the June of 2020. Peter posted a tribute to Dadich as he referred to him as everybody’s best friend. Peter wrote that he had much love to give to everyone. He also said that he was very much overwhelmed by Michael’s sudden passing and he didn’t know what to write about him. Michael came up with a few words for his friend though to help him process the loss.

He spoke along the lines of how important Dadich was as a human being. Peter compared Michael to Gatsby and he felt sad to have been writing about his friend in past tense. He also called Michael a legend and said that he would never forgive him.

Michael Dadich was an author who was well known for writing The Silver Sphere: Book I. This is a fantasy series. The book has quite excellent reviews and it needs another book as well. Michael will be probably publishing a prequel soon. The book is favored by everyone right now and general feedback is quite positive.

In the movie Aftermath, there is a brief dedication message to Michael Dadich before the credits start to role. Peter put this message to honor his friend.

Aftermath is based on a True Story


Aftermath is a movie that is based on an actual story. The events covered in the film are true. The ending is quite unrealistic in the movie. This means that it is very unlikely that the producers based the entire movie on real-life events. Rather, the movie must have been half based on a true story (which actually explains a lot about it).

It is based on two real-life Californian couples named Jerry and Janice who actually experienced similar things that are shown in the film. ABC News did a story on this subject and they even showed the real-life property where Jerry and Janice moved to in 2011.

The couple was troubled in that home. Something was happening all the time, someone was breaking in and trying to even rape Janice. All of these particular things are portrayed in the movie. The house was literally haunted. They also got stuff that they had not ordered and someone even listed their house on sale when they had not done it. It was quite a scary moment for them and this experience is shown in a fantasy kind of a way in Aftermath. The events are not exact but it is highly inspired by Jerry and Janice’s story.

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