Who is Michael C. Hall’s wife, Morgan Macgregor?

Morgan Macgregor

Morgan Macgregor is a Canadian writer and an editor as well. She is famous for being the wife of American actor Michael C. Hall. Her husband is quite famous for his role in the TV series named Dexter. Morgan and Michael Hall have been married for around 5 years now and the pair have grown to be a strong couple in the past few years.

Morgan made her way into fame when she began her relationship with Michael. She had been quite active as a writer and has written novels as well. Macgregor is a very private person so, most things about her personal life is not really known. However, we have searched the internet and did all the research we can to bring you this article where we take a look at Morgan’s life and explore everything about her. So, let us get started.

Morgan is a Canadian

Morgan Macgregor became famous after she started to date the actor named Michael C Hall. We don’t really know her life before that. We just know that she was born and raised in Canada. The details like her birthday, parents, and other things are not really known. We also have no clue about her education and early life.

Her career as a Writer and an Editor

Morgan currently works as an Associate Editor at the Los Angeles Review Books. She is quite a respected book reviewer as well as a critic. She comes from a humble background, almost no one in her family is a celebrity or a person with lots of money and fame.

Morgan has a really huge interest in literature and she is currently seeking opportunities in this field. She often loves to read and she is even writing her own Novels. Further details about her novels though are not really revealed.

Her Married Life with Michael C Hall

Morgan Macgregor with Michael Hall

Morgan Macgregor is married to an actor named Michael C Hall. The pair have been married for more than 5 years now. They started dating in the September of 2012. Hall had just gotten a divorce with his second wife Jennifer Carpenter when he met the Canadian Writer. They began dating in the September of 2012. Their relationship started to make headlines quite quickly and the couple even made their appearances at the Emmy Awards in 2012.

After more than 3 years that they started dating, the pair got married. They were married in the February of 2016 in NYC. After months of their marriage, the husband and wife were seen at an event of the Hyundai Mercury Prize in the city of London.

They have been together for more than a decade now. The pair does not really have any children together. In fact, Michael doesn’t have a single child from his 3 marriages.

Michael is bisexual

In an interview back in 2018, an interviewer asked Michael about his sexuality to which he replied along the lines that he thinks there is a spectrum and he is not completely heterosexual. He meant that he is most of the times heterosexual but not all the time. He considers himself to be pansexual.

But Michael also asserted that he has not had sex with another male so, he is still very straight in terms of sexual experiences. He just says that he had a real craving for emotional intimacy with a male because of an absent father in his life.

Michael’s previous Marriages

Michael is as famous for his acting as he is for his multiple relationships. He has been in quite a few unsuccessful marriages over the years. Morgan is actually his third wife. Michael was married to actresses like Amy Spanger and Jennifer Carpenter before marrying Morgan.

Michael first tied the knot in 2002 with actress Amy Spanger. They remained married for around 4 years before parting their ways. The actors have not really revealed the exact details behind their divorce. But shortly after Michael Divorced his first wife, he started dating Jennifer Carpenter who was a co-star of his in Dexter,

Michael and Jennifer married on New Year’s Eve back in 2008. They tied the knot in California and made their first public appearance at the Golden Globes in 2009.

Michael’s Fight with Cancer

Michael’s cancer was quite unfortunate. But it happened long before Morgan and Michael began their journey together. It was in the January of 2010 when Michael’s spokesman confirmed that he was going through Cancer. He was undergoing treatment in the form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Hall was actually diagnosed with cancer at the age of 38 years old. In an interview, Hall said that it was upsetting to learn about his cancer at such a young age. Coincidentally, his father had also died of cancer at just the age of 39.

On the 25th of April, Hall’s wife Jennifer announced that Hall’s cancer was actually in remission. This meant that his fight against cancer was working out. He was also ready for a new season of Dexter. Hall even lost hair because of Chemotherapy during his cancer treatment.

Fun trivia, In season 5 of Dexter, Michael is actually wearing a wig!

What is Morgan Macgregor’s Net Worth?

Moran Macgregor has been working as a writer as well as an editor for many years now. While we have zero clues about her exact earnings and net worth, we do know that he earns enough money to lead a comfortable life. In the case of her husband, he is a straight-up millionaire!

Michael has been working as an actor and Hollywood generally pays their actors a lot of money. We believe that Michael’s net worth is around $25 million dollars as of 2021.

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