Did Matt Gaetz Paid Model Megan Zalonka to Have Sex?

megan zalonka matt gaetz

Matt Gaetz is quite a famous person in America. The congressman from Florida got in trouble for a Trump Defender Gala that he threw in the year 2019. After this gala, Gaetz left for Westgate Lake Resort in Orlando for an after-party. This news was taken with much salt by everyone and the woman involved in the incident was no other than Megan Zielonka.

The witnesses made it known to the public. Gaetz and Zalonka were together after a party that reportedly had a ton of cocaine involved. Zielonka is an Instagram model as well as an escort and she got paid by Gaetz to sleep with him if the sources are right.

What really happened at the party?

megan zalonka

There were two witnesses in the afterparty that said that Zalonka prepared cocaine lines right on the counter of the bathroom. One person also remembers her pulling the drug out of her makeup bag and then rolling it in a cash bill. After that, Gaetz started to snort. The daily beat could not really confirm whether the two were sleeping together or not.

One Source spilled the beans though saying that they had a financial relationship. In layman’s terms, Gaetz paid Zalonka to have sex. While Matt has declined these rumors saying that the expenses were ‘hotel expenses.’ Gaetz’s PR Firm also issued another statement saying that Gaetz won’t be commenting on this topic any further. He also did not resign from his position in the US Senate.

This led to a thorough investigation by the Department of Justice over sexual assault and misconduct. It also said that Matt broke all the trafficking laws. Because of this reason, he had all the allegations against him. His wingman Joel was allegedly sleeping with a girl under 18 and this is a serious crime in US territory.

Who is Megan Zalonka actually?

Megan Zalonka is a fashion model firstly. Secondly, she is the communication director for the company named American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association.

She is said to have done misconduct with a married man named Joel Greenberg who is a friend of Matt Gaetz. Joel paid her $4000 in 2017. This payment was done in $500 installments. This is solid evidence for the case against Joel. The payment was done for thins titled ‘Stuff’, ‘Other Stuff’, ‘Pool’, ‘Food’ and more.

This made Zalonka quite a name in US households so, she used this as an opportunity to create her own company named MZ Strategy Group LLC. This information was revealed by emails between Greenberg and Zielonka. The reports were made by The Daily Beast. Zielonka is also featured in Greenberg’s Venmo Transaction details which includes payments to more than 40 women in total.

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