What happened to Rebecca Soteros? About Meadow Walker’s Mom

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If you have been following the ‘fast and furious’ movie franchise then you may know how important is the character of Brian O’Conner. Ever since the first movie of the franchise was released people have loved the character of Brian and the actor who portrayed the character, Paul Walker.

It has been years since the actor died in an accident however, we still love him and want to know about his family and friends.

Paul had a girlfriend named Rebecca Mcbrain and they even shared a daughter, Meadow Rain Walker. This piece will focus on the life of Walker’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca, let’s find out how she’s doing after the tragic incident.

Rebecca’s mother died in 2004

Rebecca has not only gone through her lover’s death but she has also been through her mother’s death. In July 2004, at the age of 48, Rebecca’s mother Julie Ann left this world. Her father is Mark Soteros. As per the reports, she is the only child of Julie and Mark.

It seems that she grew up in Los Angeles as she went to Village Christian Elementary School located in LA. She graduated from the school in 1992.

How did Rebecca McBrain and Paul Walker meet?

McBrain and Walker met back in the 1990s in California however, when they met Paul was still struggling with his career as he had yet to make it big in the entertainment industry.

Although he had given a television commercial as a toddler (pampers) and he also debuted in television and film as a child artist.

Was Paul Walker married to Rebecca?

No, even though two of them shared a daughter they were not married. According to the reports, Rebecca wanted to marry Paul, and after she became pregnant with Meadow, she suggested Paul get married, however, Paul took their relationship more casually and he also thought that he was still young to get married so he ‘refused to get married.’

They started dating in 1998 and their daughter Meadow was born on November 4, 1998. Paul was not ready for commitment so Rebecca decided to end their relationship and moved to Hawaii with her daughter.

Rebecca was an alcoholic

As mentioned above, she moved to Hawaii with Meadow but in 2011, when Meadow was 13 years old, she moved to California to live with her father Paul. We don’t know why she took that decision but people believe that it had to do with Rebecca’s drinking problem.

People also believe that the main reason for Rebecca and Paul’s separation was Rebecca’s drinking habit. Furthermore, she was even arrested for driving under the influence multiple times. First, she was arrested in Newport Beach, California in October 2003 and after that, she was again arrested in Hawaii.

After Meadow shifted to California, Paul was really excited as he loved his daughter very much and he even said that he wants to take a break from acting to spend more time with his daughter.

“My heart was desperate for so many years with the situation with my daughter. She’s living in Hawaii and she’s there and I’m running here. My daughter lives with me full time now and she’s the best partner I’ve ever had. It’s so nuts. I’ve never had anything like this in my life,” He told Entertainment Weekly.

Paul’s father also told CBS Los Angeles the same thing as Paul did. He explained that Paul really wanted to take a break from acting as when he was offered to play in a movie he said, “I don’t know what to do.”

Furthermore, reports have shown that Rebecca also had a good relationship with Paul even after their separation.

Rebecca’s life after Paul’s death

When the incident happened, Rebecca was in Hawaii so she rushed to California immediately after she got the news. I think that it didn’t affect Rebecca’s life much as she was already living on her own but of course, she was affected emotionally as Paul was her boyfriend and the father of her child.

As for their daughter, Meadow was devasted after her father’s death and posted an emotional status on her Facebook where she wrote,

“When I was little he taught me to walk, taught me to smile, and taught me to never give up. I love(ed) him even before I knew what love was. He was my hero. My REAL life hero! He will always be in my heart! It brings tears to my eyes as I write this. You’re gone, but not forgotten! R.I.P Dad!”

Was Rebecca married to Nicko McBrain?

Many people get confused because of Nicko and Rebecca’s last names and they think that Rebecca and Nicko were married however, they were never married.

Drummer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, Nicko has been married since 1989, and also, Rebecca’s real name is Rebecca Soteros as per the Daily Entertainment News so the point is Rebecca and Nicko were not married.

What does Rebecca do?

After she received her undergraduate degree, she started teaching however, after separating from Walker, she moved to Hawaii so she quit her teaching job. Now, Rebecca is living in Los Angeles as per the reports, and she has again started teaching.

Other than that, she is also actively working in various charity organizations and one of them could be a foundation created in honor of her late boyfriend called, Paul Walker Foundation. The foundation was created by Meadow in 2015.

How much does she earn? (her net worth)

Since we don’t know about her earnings or income it is a bit challenging to point or estimate her net worth however, according to various sources, she had a net worth of $250,000 in 2021.

Paul’s mother wanted Meadow’s custody because of Rebecca’s alcohol problem

As mentioned, Rebecca was struggling with alcohol addiction so Paul’s mother Cheryl Ann Walker filed for Meadow’s custody however, a source told E! News that Rebecca is a good mother.

“She loves her. he has always been and will always be a good mother and there is no reason for a change. She will fight this, I’m sure until her last breath to be [Meadow’s] mom. All she wants is to have her child.” He explained.

Later Rebecca told Cheryl that she has decided to go to rehab and Cheryl also gave her word that she’ll take the case back if Rebecca could complete the rehab program, as per TMZ.

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