Who Is Heather Helm? About Matthew Lillard’s wife

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Realtor Heather Helm is the wife of professional Hollywood actor Matthew Lillard. She is also known as Heather Ann Lillard and she is very successful in the business of real estate. She works in the well-known real estate technology company Compass. Obviously, people don’t really want to know about someone unless they are multi-million or billion owners or if they are related to popular personalities.

In this case, people are interested in Heather Helm because she is the wife of an American comedian and actor Matthew Lillard. However, even though people are interested in her, there is not much information you can find on the information about Lillard’s wife.

So in this piece, we will be talking about Heather Helm’s personal life, her early life, career, education, and a few other details.

How old is Heather Helm?

As per the reports, Helm was born on  July 17, 1971, in Pasadena, California, United States, and she currently is 50 years old however she will turn 51 next month. As per her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Cancer. Unfortunately, we could not find anything about her family.

Furthermore, talking about her education, she went to La Canada High School where she joined in 1987 and graduated in 1989. After her high school graduation, she enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles, from where she graduated in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in Arts and English Literature.

Her career

Helm is a very private person and she does not share much about her personal life so there is not much information available on her, however, we do know that she is a successful businesswoman. She specializes in real estate and she is serving as the director of the real estate company Compass since January 2018.

Moreover, there are also reports that claim Helm is also linked with Pacific Union International. Since she is linked with two real estate companies we can imagine that she earns very well.

We also got to know more about her career, as per the sources, she is a former director of special event marketing at Disney which she joined after her graduation. As the director of special event marketing, she learned more about marketing and its strategies which definitely improved her skills, and later she reigned to enter the world of real estate. In addition, Heather used her passion for interior design to help build Portera, an import and distribution business for antique Spanish doors.

Her marriage with Matthew Lillard

Helm and Matthew first met back in the 1990s at a party and Matthew liked her so much that when Helm told him she was going to her friend’s wedding in Italy, he invited himself.

Helm married Without a Paddle star Matthew Lillard on  August 12, 2000, they had a private wedding where few close friends and family members attended. It has been more than two-decade since they got married and still their relationship is growing nothing but strong more and more.

Certainly, they had a love marriage and they dated for some time before making a big decision. They have a really strong bond and unlike most celebrities, they have a very successful and lovely marriage life, and Matthew even posts their picture every once in a while. We can also see in the picture above that Matthew had posted on his Instagram where he captioned, “She is my sugar, my spice and everything in between. I love you my dear… always will.”

Helm and Matthew are parents of three

After around two years after their marriage in 2002, Helm gave birth to their first child Addison Grace Lillard and according to the reports she weighed around 6 pounds, 10 ounces at the time of her birth. Similarly, two years after Addison’s birth Helm gave birth to her second child Macey Lyn Lillard in 2004. Finally, she gave birth to their youngest child Liam Lillard four years after Macey’s birth in 2008.

And just as I mentioned above they are one perfect happy family who has a very strong bond with each other and every one of them loves and cares about their family. Both Matthew and Heather often post pictures of their children and themselves.

Helm shares both her professional and personal life on social media

Matthew’s wife Heather is pretty active on social media platforms like Instagram where she shares various posts and she often shares posts related to real estate. She doesn’t have many followers, she only has 2003 followers currently on her Instagram account.

As mentioned she shares both her real estate-related posts as well as a post related to her family just like the picture you can see above where she has captioned, “I guess #NationalDaughtersDay is a thing. Love these two fruit loops that keep me on my toes.”

How much is her net worth?

Since there is not much information regarding her personal life we don’t know how much she really earns through her work, however, she is in real estate and most people who are into real estate are millionaires so we can assume that Heather is a millionaire or even multi-millionaire.

On the other hand, her husband has worked in various movies as well as in television series including Scooby-Doo, She’s All That, Good Girls, He’s All That, Senseless, What Love Is, Serial Mom, Supernatural, and more. And it is estimated that Matthew has a net worth of $2 to $4 million.

She is also a philanthropist

First of all, she has been a member of The Pasadena Children’s Guild’s member for years now and she is also the co-founder of an organization called Circle of Friends. Heather also was a board member of a non-profit organization named Madison’s Foundation and is Huntington Hospital’s support member. She currently is a member of Friends of Foothill Families.
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