Who is Matthew Gray Gubler Wife? About His Dating Life

Matthew Gray Gubler
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Matthew Gray Gubler is a multitalented guy who has many skills and on different expertise he is an American actor, film producer, model and author as well.

He also used to be a famous dancer but give up it after suffering from his knee injury, we all know him for his roles in the series, Criminal Minds and in the show he played the role of Dr. Spencer Reid and this famous show was first started in 2005.

So, in this article we are going to look deeper on his private and romance life, many fans of him are curious to know if he is married or not? or anything related to his personal dating life as well.

Till now he is not married but there were many high profile relationship of him so, we will nuke all about them in detail.

Matthew Gray Gubler Relationship With Kat Dennings

Matthew Gray Gubler with Kat Dennings

Among all the relations of Matthew Gray Gubler, the relationship between Matthew and Kat is the most attention caught relation of his all time.

Matthew and Kat met while they were on shoot of Criminal Minds and it was the time in 2007 and they were very close to each other on this time. This couple were not able to dedicate their time for relationship because the casts used to do shooting like about 15 hours a day making very busy schedule.

In an interview with Glamour, Gubler also said that, “I think one of the best experiences was making Suburban Gothic together. The closest thing to being in a band with someone is to make a film with people you’re close with in real life. The thing about working with her was that she was a creative force you could work with rather than alone.”

The main reason of their breakup was due to lack of time, while Matthew was spending more than 15 hours a day on the stage and shooting, he barely made his time for Dennings which is sounded to be the main reason of their break-up.

So, Kat was a former girlfriend of Matthew and she is not a Matthew Gray Gubler Wife.

Matthew and Kat are still good friends

He did breakup but he was still a good friends of Kat, being ex doesn’t mean that you can be a still a good friend same case Matthew and Kat is still a good friends to each other.

After they break-up they also did a movie called Suburban Gothic in 2012, remembering this movie and the time he spent with Kat he told to Glamour that, “One of the best experiences I’ve ever had was making the movie Suburban Gothic together. The closest you can get to being in a band is making a movie with people you know in real life.”

So, by now this couple is a good friends to each other and Kat is on another relationship with another guy but still a good friend.

Matthew also told that his best place to date is New York and he has a great impression of a city and also think it matches his personality. He is also a classical lover and said he prefer to date on museum and on art gallery centers.

Matthew Gray Gubler relationship rumors

Matthew is one of the finest dater and he has dated some high personality as well and he has also linked to various celebrities names till now. Before dating Kat it was heard that he already dated with Charlotte Kemp Muhl who is also a famous model.

Matthew and Charlotte was spotted many times before 2005 and they also made public appearances on red carpet for many times but sadly, their relationship was broke in 2005.

At the time of dating Charlotte was just about 16 years old and the boy was just about 24 years old.

After this his name was also linked with Portuguese actress Marisa Morris and it was on the time from 2008 to 2010.

And later there was also some news that this guy dated with Cobra Starship guitarist Victoria Asher but their relationship lasted for only some months. He moved to date with another girl Ali Michael, the couple choose their own path in 2013 and their relationship lasted for some years.

Matthew Gray Gubler and Taylor Swift Romance Rumors

There was also some romance in past related to Taylor Swift and Matthew and this rumor spread after he broke up with Ali. Many source also said that this couple was spotted on many places from time to time.

Fans started to search about them and more interested to know of they were really on relationship, they spent good time together but it was never sure if they were on relationship and the duo never admit it as well.

We don’t have exact data of how many women did he date but it was sure that he has maintain a good relationship with all of his exes from time to time, many times his relation was broke because of his lack of time and some ended due to other cause.

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