Who is Matt LeBlanc’s daughter, Marina Pearl LeBlanc?

Matt with daughter Marina Pearl LeBlanc

Marina Pearl LeBlanc is the daughter of the famous American celebrity Matt LeBlanc. You might recognize him from his incredible role in the hit sitcom Friends. Matt played the role of Joey Tribbiani in the show and he is famous all over the world for this. Matt has won three primetime Emmy Awards and she has also been nominated for three Golden Globes. In addition, Matt has gotten the lovely daughter Marina and this article is actually about her. So, without wasting any time, let us get into it.

Who is Marina Pearl LeBlanc?

Marina was born in 2004. Her birth date is 8th Feb and she was born in the state of California. She was born to Melissa McKnight and her father was Matthew Steven LeBlanc. Her mother is an English-American model and her father is an American Actor. She has no biological siblings but she does have two elder step-siblings from her Mother’s side. Melissa was previously married to Anthony Esposito.

The children’s names are Tyler Esposito and Jacqueline Esposito. Her parents were separated when she was just 2 years of age because they had personal problems. Marina is 17 years old right now and her Zodiac sign is Aquarius. She has an American nationality and is mixed in nature. Her Ancestry is quite mixed and she is French, Canadian, and Italian mixed (through her mother’s side). She is also Catholic and her religion is Christianity.

Marina has not shared any information about her schooling at the moment. She is only 17 years old and all the online sources have said that she is still in High School. This is not confirmed yet though.

Her Career

Marina is still just a teenager so, her professional career has not even started yet. She is still in her parents’ house and she is enjoying her teenage years. Her parents have been separated yet she has quite a solid bond with her mother as well as her father. Matt LeBlanc has a deep love for her daughter and he holds him quite close to his heart. Marina is also not associated with any Media.  Her father, on the other hand, is a big deal in the media industry with different awards.

She loves to watch Friends together

From Yahoo! Life we were got to know that this dad and daughter love to watch Friends together than any other TV series. Talking with the media he said, “It’s still on all the time, so we’ll stop and watch it if we’re channel surfing and it pops up,” to The Express.

She doesn’t have any social media and she is seen by the public on few occasions only, once she was captured by the media at the Power Women Gala in 2014.

As per Marina, she also loves the father show very much and she enjoyed watching this show together. While the FRIENDS run from 1994, it has got tons of attention and popularity making it one of the famous and best TV show of all time.

Matt as Joey Tribbiani in the show is her favorite character and she also loves the acting of Matt in the show.

Marina mother is a British-born model

Marina’s mother name is Melissa McKnight, she used to work as a model with some of the top modeling agencies like New York City’s Elite Models. She has even appeared in some magazines from time to time besides, this Melissa has worked on some movies.

Marina health was not good during her childhood

matt with marina leblanc

Marina was diagnosed with cortical dysplasia when she was about to turn just one year old, as a result, she faced seizures in her very early days of life. When she was a toddler her health seems to turn more bad and bad which made Matt thought that she might not survive.

Her father takes a break from the show for a while to take care of her where he used to spent time playing with her. Talking with Telegraph he said, “I didn’t feel like being funny. I had a lot going on in my personal life. I knew I wasn’t missing out on anything. I had dabbled with the celebrity world. I’d partied a bit. But there wasn’t anything there that could fulfill me. I mean, I have beers in the fridge at home.”

Matt loves to spent her time with his daughter, also when she used to go to school in her early days her classmates, their parents, and teacher used to ask her about her father because on those days this show was a massive hit.

As per some media, Matt has explained much time that he loves his daughter more than anything and he also loves to enjoy his free time with her.


Marina LeBlanc is single right now and she is not involved in a Romantic Relationship with anyone currently. She is still a teenager and is not focused on dating anyone. She has remained single all this time and has minimum to no relationships too.

She also doesn’t have the proper health to date. Marina Pearl LeBlanc suffers from a kind of illness called Cortical Dysplasia because of which she frequently has some seizures. This disease has been fixed now though and Marina is quite healthy right now. In addition to all this, she has also developed a big interest in riding horses and she is a huge fan of the American singer Rihanna.

Net Worth

Since marina has not really started working so, it is not possible to know what her net worth is. She does, however, enjoy a really luxurious life as her father is worth a lot of money. Matt LeBlanc’s total assets are worth over $90 million as of the year 2021.

Social Media Presence

Marina, being a teenager, is quite famous and active on Social Media. Her Social Media of choice is Instagram and her handle on this platform is @m_leblanc8. She has the following of a close circle of followers here but she is not verified yet. Maybe in the future, she will get verified on Instagram.

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